Cadenaser palencia facebook

Cadenaser palencia facebook

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Another significant contribution of its mechanics is that the electric motor is powered by a supercapacitor that generates three times the power of a conventional lithium-ion battery of similar weight. The brand does not offer at the moment the efficiency data of the new Countach, which is in the process of homologation, but its top speed is 355 km / h and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.8 seconds.
Its interior is based, in the same way, on the original Countach. This interpretation was presented today at Pebble Beach (USA), with a unit painted in white with shades of pearl blue, which contrasts with the red and black leather interior. Geometric stitching is present on the seats and dashboard. Customers of the new LPI 800-4 will be able to choose from more than thirty body colors, half of them classically inspired.

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Traffic will monitor not only long-distance trips from the interior to coastal areas, but also short journeys on conventional roads typical of these dates: the five people who died in traffic accidents were driving on secondary roads.
To face this operation, the DGT will activate all available means, including 780 fixed radars (92 of them stretch), 545 mobile radars and 12 helicopters, as well as 261 cameras and 15 camouflaged vans to control the use of cell phones and seat belts. The location of most of them can be consulted here. In addition, the 39 drones of the agency will be in operation, and their location will be reported in networks.
Traffic has also announced the installation of reversible and additional lanes during rush hours, and recommends on its website some alternative routes. Likewise, road works will be paralyzed.

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Arnau Vila writes in If in April 2020 Alfonso Merlos was doing an interview from his home and, as if he did not want the thing, behind him appeared Alexia Rivas in bikini, confirming [read all] [read all].
The day before his debut in front of Radioestadio, journalist Edu García stops by El Transistor to talk about how he faces that great moment. «I am not a person of nerves, but the little bug if [read all]
Marc Mestres writes in La Vanguardia that the trip of Ibai Llanos to Paris for the presentation of Lionel Messi with PSG seems to have raised many blisters in sports journalism. The most resounding [read all] [read all] [read all] [read all] [read all] [read all] [read all] publishes that this match will be broadcast live on Valencia Capital Radio (94.5 FM), with the unmistakable voice of Paco Lloret in a broadcast that will start at 8 pm with all the details [read all] [read all] publishes that Alberto Herrera, son of the broadcaster Carlos Herrera, presenter of Herrera en COPE, has made his father a ‘trending topic’ during most of this Thursday because of the statements he has made [read all] [read all]

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It is difficult, because you are born with it (passion). I remember that when I was a kid, in the Lindavista neighborhood, you learned in the street to play soccer, to throw walls, to put your sweater in the goal or to dodge cars. What about the goals from sieve to sieve or the help from the sidewalk? That’s something you’ll carry for the rest of your life.
In 1984, América transferred him to Atlante, in a trade for the jewel of the Atlante youth academy: Gonzalo Farfán. El Vasco had a regular stint with the Azulgranas, which was enough for him to be called up to the Mexican National Team that would play in the 1986 World Cup. At the end of the World Cup, Atlante received offers from Europe for the player’s contract.
With the National University Team he won the gold medal in the 1979 World Universiade, held in Mexico City. He was champion with América in the 1983-1984 season. He was a national team player (Mexico) and in 1986 he played in the World Cup in Mexico.
He was assistant to Miguel Mejía Barón in the Mexican National Team, when he was just retiring as a player, because the national coach invited him as a leader, he went as assistant to the 1994 World Cup in the United States.

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