Christopher uckermann facebook

Christopher uckermann facebook

Christopher uckermann – we catch on fire (translation pt-br)

«My comment was not to use the image at all. When one as an artist sees it being used without one’s consent, obviously, it raises an alert, and it was to communicate that ‘don’t use my image,'» Von Uckermann stressed.
Despite his stance against the injection to combat SARS-CoV-2, the former RBD highlighted: «Obviously, the relation is made that I have not been very much in agreement with vaccines. It is not like that, I respect people and the decisions of each individual, of the people».
Subsequently, Christopher assured that the comments on social networks do not affect him at all. «As a person, I’m going to be honest [it didn’t affect me] because I grew up in this universe where people are going to talk; then, in the end you disconnect, you realize that it’s not personal. We are humans who have an ideology, a way of being and in the end there are always going to be people who disagree.»
Finally, about his position on vaccines, the artist explained: «I believe very much in the natural, in the organic. I trust in the immune system and that’s why I think it made a little noise. But I respect everyone’s decisions; let everyone do what they want with their lives, that’s what it’s all about».

Fb live with christopher von uckermann

Experimentation and growthIn his musical project as a solo artist, Uckermann has always sought to have total freedom when it comes to experimenting with rhythms, sounds and even speeches. «There are no rules anymore, I feel like I’m in the era of experimenting. I have achieved freedom as an independent artist because when you are with a label you have to look a little more at what is on the market,» he says.
However, plans continue to grow and now Dulce María is expected to join a new reunion, or possible tour, «The fans have asked us for a tour together and we are talking about it right now. If these crazy times allow it, we’ll be there,» she concludes.

Christopher uckermann canta «amor revolucionario» | la noche

Han pasado más de 16 años desde el estreno de Rebelde, la entrañable telenovela mexicana para adolescentes, y la nostalgia es mayor que nunca. Estrenada el 4 de octubre de 2004, la serie dio lugar a la creación del grupo pop RBD, uno de los artistas de música latina más vendidos, compuesto por Christopher von Uckermann, Christian Chávez, Anahí, Alfonso Herrera, Dulce María y Maite Perroni.
Los escandalosos argumentos, la música y la memorable moda de Rebelde siguen entreteniendo y resonando entre los fans de todo el mundo. La telenovela seguía a un grupo de estudiantes de un prestigioso internado de Ciudad de México, llamado Elite Way School.  En medio de rivalidades, triángulos amorosos y el típico drama de instituto, seis estudiantes distintos -Mía Colucci (Anahí), Roberta Pardo Rey (Dulce), Lupita Fernández (Maite), Miguel Arango (Alfonso), Diego Bustamante (Christopher) y Giovanni Méndez López (Christian)- unían sus fuerzas para formar una banda musical épica.
RBD llegó a producir éxitos como «Rebelde», «Sálvame» y «Sólo Quédate en Silencio». Lanzaron un total de nueve álbumes de estudio, vendiendo más de 15 millones de discos en todo el mundo.  Tras obtener dos nominaciones al Latin GRAMMY, se convirtieron en el grupo de pop latino más exitoso de todos los tiempos, antes de separarse en 2009.El año pasado, toda la discografía de la banda se puso en las plataformas de streaming por primera vez. Y el 26 de diciembre, Anahí, Christian, Maite y Christopher se reunieron en un concierto virtual, en el que deleitaron a sus fans con sus grandes éxitos y sus icónicos movimientos de baile.

Living dreaming – christopher von uckermann

His new single Heal Together is for him «a journey of intuition, empowerment, unity and empathy». He is passionate about topics such as metaphysics and energies, so this song was born thanks to a message he received, inviting him to share his perspective with the world.
He told us that his career as an independent artist has not been easy, since he has had to «start from scratch» in order to make his musical project known.    Despite this, he is very happy to have more creative freedom. He commented that in the face of adversity he seeks to stay aligned with his purpose, in order to feel empowered.
Finally, taking into account the difficult pandemic situation we live in, he took the opportunity to share a message of hope and advice to deal with anxiety. He invites us not to be afraid to know ourselves better and to do whatever really makes us happy.
«Give yourselves the opportunity to know yourselves without fear. Don’t be afraid to delve into the depth of who you are, that also gives you peace of mind. I guess it’s not easy, not for me either in many ways, but the point is to let go of control of everything in life. «

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