Crear business manager facebook

Crear business manager facebook

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Try to avoid abbreviations and acronyms: state the company name and your specialization as clearly as possible. For example, «Silver Laptop Service Center» or «John Smith, an Internet marketer» for a specialist’s page.
In the second field, enter 1-2 keywords that characterize your brand’s specialization. As soon as you enter a word, the system will independently suggest subject addresses.
The cover image should complement the profile picture in style and color scheme. Which image to choose? There are several options: a slogan, an updated message about a promotion or discount, contact details of the support service, an advertising image of a new product, etc.
Just choose the option that suits your company’s marketing policy. Once you have chosen it, configure the button. For example, if you have chosen the «Message» option, select the appropriate type of messaging through which your customers will communicate with the support operator.

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The «Info» section is one of the first places people see when they visit your page.  There is a preview on the right side of the page, below the data about your community. People can also see the full section by clicking on «View all».
If you don’t respond that often to messages, your response rate won’t show up either. Either way, having the badge will let users know that your company is attentive to their needs and cares so considering earning it should be within your options.
The meta description should be compelling enough to make people want to click on the link, and it should be 155 characters or less. Check it when you post any link.
Shorten the text by eliminating that long, reader-unfriendly URL. The space in your post is valuable, and you should make sure that the characters you use are used only for the purpose of grabbing your visitors’ attention.  Also, any user can click on the title or the reduced view that is generated for a URL and that leads to the post, web page or whatever site you have linked to. Thus, you don’t need to include it in the text of your post as well.

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The administrator can do absolutely everything: he/she can edit, manage, create posts, delete users, delete comments, create ads, view statistics, see who has posted, etc. This is the highest rank among all the available roles and is the one who has the ability to do anything on the page without approval.
The editor will be able to do the same as the administrator except manage roles and page settings. That is, he/she can post jobs, see the statistics of the page itself and the details of visits or interactions, place ads, control comments from all users, reply, send messages on behalf of the page.
In short, you have full control of the page for the actions that are routinely performed on a day-to-day basis, everything related to page postings, managing user comments, etc.

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Because of this, it is important to perform this step carefully. Your page will be the showcase of your company on the social network and its appearance will generate a perception in the visitor, either positive or negative.
There is also the case of companies that have transcended the brand itself, for example Nike. In this case, when the brand is associated with certain values that are shared, it could be created within the category of «Brand or product».
Configure aspects such as publication permissions, publication visibility, creation of notifications, different filters, etc. Read all the options carefully and modify the parameters to adapt them to your objectives.

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