Descargar videos de facebook android sin programas

Descargar videos de facebook android sin programas

How to download a facebook video from your cell phone

The first and foremost before using one or another application is to copy the link of the publication that contains the video we want to download, a method that varies depending on the platform we use.
The SaveFrom website allows us to download any video we find on the Internet, regardless of the platform it is hosted on. To download it, we just have to access the SaveFrom website and paste the link of the publication where the video is located.
Then an option will be displayed that allows us to download the audio or video of that publication and invites us to pay a subscription to make use of this service. We only have to wait a few seconds for this information to be replaced by the image above, where we can download the video directly.
Unlike SaveFrom, SaveVideo allows us to select whether we want to download the video in the original quality or download it in a lower quality so that it takes up less space on our computer.

How to download videos from facebook 2021

Step 3. Once you have the video from the mobile interface, just hit ‘Play’. When it is playing, right click on the mouse button and select the option ‘Download video’. In a matter of seconds you will have the video on your computer. Easy, isn’t it?
Having the video on your iPhone’s camera roll is not complicated. It only involves one more step: go to the application, select the video, ‘click’ on edit and email it to ourselves. Once we have it in the mailbox, we can download it without any problem from the mobile and also from the computer.


Therefore, whenever we carry out the process that we now explain to you, we must do it under our full responsibility. From El Output we do not want to incite anyone to do it, we only offer you the information so that you know that you have this possibility. That said, let’s go with the process.
The use is as simple as installing the program, which has a free version to test it, put the URL of the video you want to download … and hit “Go”. Then we will enter the video in question and a download button appears in the upper left corner. Just hit it, choose the quality and we will be able to download either the video or the MP3 audio without any problems.
So, the method we are going to use is through third-party services, how? By accessing web pages that, by entering the address of the video, will download the content to our gallery or download folder. There are many such websites, but we are going to use the most popular of them all: . The steps to follow are very simple:

How to download facebook videos on pc

Once you find the video you want to download press play and let it start playing for a second or two. Then, keep your finger pressed on the video until you get a pop-up window.
The pop-up window is simple, and you will only have the option to download the video. So, when it pops up, click on the Download video option and it will start downloading automatically to your phone without you having to install any other application.
And that’s it, the video will start downloading in mp4 format, and when it finishes you will be able to run it without any problem. You will have two ways to open it, either through the notification panel by clicking on the video or with the Open button that will have appeared in Chrome once you have finished downloading.

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