Esther vaquero facebook

Esther vaquero facebook

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One of the most successful news programs on television is ‘Antena 3 Noticias 2’. The evening edition presented by Vicente Vallés and Esther Vaquero has consolidated this year as the absolute leader, but it has also received a lot of criticism from all political parties.
I think that if putting my face and my voice can contribute to give more visibility or to make the meeting more rounded, let them call me as many times as they want. I consider that my role is important because asthma is a disease that everyone knows about, but not everyone knows what severe asthma is. We have to contribute to give it visibility and help patients who are often lost. It is not easy to reach a doctor who makes the diagnosis that is needed and these events are very necessary.
Many things can be done. There are doctors who are calling for a national plan for severe asthma, as in many countries in Europe that are already doing it. There are things that take time here and get lost. There should be lobbying for this national plan. We can also try to create some training for professionals and patients to better manage the disease.

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It was a wonderful opportunity. I had been an editor of the program and I knew the whole team, and the truth is that people were very nice. But that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t nervous the first few times and I spent the whole day watching the news to keep up with everything. Now it’s not like that anymore. Like everything else, little by little you get the hang of it. So I also change my register, which makes it easier for me to be more versatile; and that’s very good in this profession.
Yes, they say that the body gets used to getting up early, but I still find it hard, what happens is that you impose it as a discipline: at seven in the evening to bed to get up at half past two in the morning. The bad thing is that, many times, on weekends, I got up at the same time and started to walk around the house?
Not on a personal level, but for work.  They are a good tool to stay up to date. In the program we are followers of all those institutions that we find interesting in terms of current affairs. In the case of the Army, we consider them to be experts in security issues, which is currently one of the most important. In fact, we have had military personnel on the set several times, because it is very useful for us to have their point of view and advice on security measures or prevention of attacks. And the truth is that they explain it very well.

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– This is a matter of taste. I like that there is a lot of variety, that you can choose channels from one political party or another, and if you prefer a more entertaining content, you can have it, or if you prefer a more informative one, you can have it too. Here I am going to sweep for home. I really like laSexta because it helps me to be continuously informed and I like Antena 3 because it is more familiar, it has more white content in quotation marks, it does not depend so much on «reality shows» as Telecinco, which has more of that kind of content. In general, I think that the health of television is good, that there are always things to improve, but maybe what is needed is a bit of self-criticism on the part of journalists working in the media.
– I don’t think so. It is also true that in the Faculty of Journalism there are many more girls than boys and that means that in the newsrooms there are also more girls in general. It is true that in management positions, for some reason, men tend to arrive earlier. But in the case of Antena 3 Noticias, there are currently three women at the head of news. In our case there are quite a few women.

Esther vaquero talks about the special on the royal wedding

Sport uses social networks en masse, either from official accounts or individually by the athletes themselves. After Avenida and Guijuelo, the most followed clubs in Salamanca are Unionistas de Salamanca (@UnionistasCF) with 9,323 followers and the now defunct UD Salamanca (@UDSalamanca), which still has 8,779 followers. Then, Salmantino (@CFSalmantinoUDS) has 5,208 and others like BM Ciudad de Salamanca (@bmsalamanca) with 2,040 or CB Tormes (@CBTormes) with 2,010.
In this sports section, Clemente Alonso Mckernan (@clementealonso) stands out individually.  The triathlete has 7,068 followers, followed by coach José Ignacio Hernández (@joseihf) with 3,490 and cyclist Dori Ruano (@doriruano) with 3,357. The athlete Álvaro de Arriba (@AlvaroDArriba) with 2,512 or the paratriathlete Alejandro S. Palomero (@AlexPalomero), with 1,557 follow him in the ranking.
Among the most followed Salamancans in social networks are two chefs, who are also friends: Jorge Lozano (@tapasdospunto0) at the head of Tapas 2.0 and 3.0 with 11,343 followers and David Monaguillo (@davidmonaguillo) with 6,993. El Tapas y Mesón de Gonzalo (@TapasyMeson) has 2,493 followers or El Alquimista (@elalquimista3) with 1,394, are other charro representatives in networks.

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