Facebook business manager iniciar sesion

Facebook business manager iniciar sesion

Facebook business manager: what is it and how to do it?

Here you can start with ad accounts, pages or people. This part has been quite simplified so you should not face any inconveniences for what you should do next, that is, create a page if you are visiting this area for the first time or claim a page, if you already have one. Simply click on the option and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.
Now we are going to create an advertising account within the Business Manager. The options will appear on the top line under the Business Manager settings. Simply look for the button that says «Create Ad Account».
You will then be asked to fill in some basic information such as the name of your ad account, which Merchant Manager profile you wish to associate it with, the time zone of your business and what currency you use:
The next step is to set up a new payment method before you can start advertising. You should see links in the middle of the page to click on to edit the payment method details, or you can look in the top right corner to return to the information you just set up.

Cómo crear tu facebook business manager

Mantente al tanto de las últimas conversaciones sociales, tendencias y menciones de la marca. Responde rápidamente a los comentarios desde una bandeja de entrada que combina todas tus conversaciones de las redes sociales compatibles en un solo hilo.
Descubre lo que es posible cuando unes tus campañas multicanal en una sola plataforma. Programe y publique contenidos en los canales adecuados en el momento oportuno, realice un seguimiento de la eficacia en tiempo real y aumente el volumen de sus contenidos de mayor rendimiento.
Todos los miembros de su organización tienen un papel que desempeñar. Proporcióneles la plataforma social y las habilidades que necesitan para ser el centro de atención y construir su marca, fortalecer las relaciones con los clientes e impulsar los resultados empresariales.

Business manager of facebook 2021

This tool gives you the possibility to have a better control of all your business organization in one place, where it gives you the opportunity to manage each of the areas. This allows you to save time and effort when you have to use different pages to keep control of your business.
Having the right knowledge to create an account on this platform is very important, especially for those who are responsible for digital marketing. That is why we are going to explain the main steps you should take to create your own space within this platform that will undoubtedly help you improve the performance of your business.

How to enter the facebook ads manager

Another change that was made was the removal of the gray-colored badges for pages, which were devised in order to show the authenticity of these pages, and not to be confused with the blue-colored badges, which are given to pages of celebrities or well-known brands.
«Post frequently: don’t worry about over-posting. The goal of the news feed is to show each person the most relevant story, so it’s not guaranteed that all your posts will appear in their feeds.»
The social network does not want to lag behind in terms of technological devices and during October introduced Portal Home and Portal +, two devices very similar to Amazon Echo: they are similar to a tablet and with them you can make video calls with friends and family via Messenger.
Creating events is easier for pages from now on, so in addition to making it much easier to find things to do in the users’ environment, it is also much easier to buy tickets for concerts or various celebrations.

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