Facebook cadena ser palencia

Facebook cadena ser palencia

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The stoppages mainly affect the Valladolid Body and Assembly Factory, which on Thursday, September 2, will stop in the afternoon and night shifts, while on Friday it will stop in all three shifts. In addition, as of September 6, the night shift stoppage will be extended until the end of the month.
Likewise, the Valladolid Engine plant, which is already in operation, does not plan to apply the factory shutdown for the whole month, although the bag of hours will be applied in some lines.
They have also requested that the relocated workers be provided with all the information concerning their relocation, such as the stock exchange code to which they will be assigned, as well as order and sales data, and they have also requested that more semiconductors be ordered from the group in order to «minimize» the impact of the stoppages.

Hoy por hoy magazine | may 6, 2021

Seat management has planned more days of inactivity at the Martorell factory due to the impossibility of guaranteeing the supply of microchips. The plant will stop production on September 6 and 7 after the return from vacation of the entire workforce.
The days of production stoppage are in charge of the internal flexibility measures to lengthen or reduce the working days at the factory. Seat terminated in May an ERTE approved in January due to low utilization. Shortly thereafter, the effects of the lack of chips worsened in the global automotive industry.
In addition to the general problem of the lack of chips, Seat and the rest of the industry are also suffering from the lack of electronic components due to confinements to curb the spread of new waves of coronavirus in countries such as Malaysia and Taiwan.

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Whoever comes across a torrent crossing the road in the middle of a storm would do well to resist the temptation to cross. If you choose to go ahead and later find yourself in the worst-case scenario, which will not be uncommon, the DGT recommends staying calm, getting out of the car and getting on the roof.
With several communities on yellow and orange alerts for storms and rain, after the fall of inordinate downpours, Traffic reminds drivers what they should do in the face of a flood. And what they should do is nothing: at most, pull over to the side and call 112.
A heavy storm «turns a usually dry riverbed -reminds the DGT- into a turbulent torrent of water that floods the road».  And the first advice is to avoid the risk and not to ford the current, as it can be more dangerous than it looks; it may even have undermined the road surface, so the depth will be greater than expected and the chances of the vehicle being swept away will increase.
The risk depends on several factors: the weight of the car, the speed of the current, the height of the underbody (much higher in some large SUVs and off-road vehicles, for example), the depth of the riverbed and the slope of the terrain. The more unfavorable the circumstances, the sooner it will get out of control.

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