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Neighbors of the urbanizations near the golf course of Colmenar Viejo complain that they are «bombarded by balls». The Town Council of Colmenar Viejo and the concessionaire of the facilities placed higher security meshes, but manifestly insufficient for the neighbors of an urbanization located to the north of the Sports City that every little while is bombarded by golf balls.
The work relates the intensity of the ball when leaving the practice set, where it reaches a higher speed, and that, precisely, «is the area related to the problem and is very close to the urbanization» in the case of Islantilla. «The speed that is impelled has a correlation with the effect that can cause a firearm, and on certain occasions, there are sticks that can cause the ball to have more speed than the bullet that comes out of a gun,» said Guerrero.
Thus, it has been proven that the ball reaches speeds of up to 80 meters per second (288 kilometers per hour), which «although due to the weight and characteristics of the ball, it does not reach the body, the impact of that mass does cause very important injuries, which can cause serious disabilities or even death».

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The City Council of Colmenar Viejo has announced that from 10:00 am this Friday tickets are on sale to enjoy the concerts and shows that Los Secretos, El Arrebato, Los Morancos, ‘CantaJuego’ and El Libro de la Selva will offer in the bullring from 19 to 23 August.
It has also stressed that the use of the mask is mandatory at all times, both in public areas and during performances, and is not allowed to access the site with food or drink.

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The main purpose of the Military Logistic Residences and the Military Logistic Accommodations of the Army is to support the Geographical Mobility of the components of the Army that move or need accommodation for service reasons, attending in the first place the needs of the personnel that due to the assignment of a new destination or secondment without right to compensation, is displaced in a different location from the one of their habitual residence.
Below is a list by province, where you can consult the type of residence, address, telephone, fax, e-mail and personnel who can stay in them.
Also the personnel of the Spanish Army, with the established priority, can stay in Residences of Support to the Mobility of other Armies and Civil Guard, which can be consulted in the links below.

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In this week’s review of the current agri-food news, we start talking about the delivery drivers of digital platforms of home delivery because this week has entered into force the so-called Rider Law, recently validated in the Congress of Deputies.
The law aims to put an end to the use of «false self-employed» by forcing them to be hired as employees.Of the four major home delivery platforms, three showed their rejection of this modification, and each one has opted for a different route before the entry into force of the legislation.
The Government has defended that the legislation adapts the regulatory framework to the rulings of the Supreme Court that condemned several of these companies for considering that they used «false self-employed» as delivery drivers.
We end this review of the current agri-food news by looking once again at milk producers. This is already the second week of rallies in different parts of the country to demand profitability.

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