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Its name derives from the use of this square to run and spear bulls, and even the dance of Teo was celebrated in it, from where we got the nickname «ahumaos» to all espinariegos. Today it is the scene of festivals, games, terraces in summer and meeting center of the espinariegos.
It was built in 1941, after the important fire it suffered in July 1936, which destroyed an important part of its archives. The facade, framed between two asymmetrical towers, contains the necessary elements of a town hall, clock, balcony and a portico of three arches which is accessed by a large staircase.
A multitude of festive and social events are held in the square, including the Fiesta de los Gabarreros, craft fairs, antique markets and perhaps the most important, the proclamation of the festivities in honor of the Santísimo Cristo del Caloco.
The Salón Consistorial or Plenary Hall is crowned by a pine wood structure. In this hall the plenary sessions are held, as well as other events, ranging from the celebration of weddings, to the coronation of the Mayoress and her Maids of Honor.


Located in the Sierra Norte of the Guadarrama Park, a few meters from La Panera, in a green plot of four hectares where the Moros River passes. At 100 m from the Cercanías del Espinar train station.
Undoubtedly, it is necessary to emphasize the magnificent swimming pool, its water is of black color. Which achieves between 5° and 6° degrees more temperature, in the Sierra de Madrid which is characterized by its low temperature and an altitude of 1350 meters.
From Madrid, take the AP6, exit 60. After the toll, direction San Rafael. At the first traffic circle, take direction Estación ffcc El Espinar. After 1.7 km, cross the railway overpass and follow the signs. The house is 100 m from the Madrid-Segovia train station.

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A friendly should be just that, a friendly. But when you come from a win, two draws and add your second defeat with only one goal scored in the whole preseason, things start to worry. And today the Calvo Sotelo Puertollano has lost 4-0 against Don Benito, a team that also plays in Second RFEF and therefore should be a good thermometer for what is coming in the season. It is necessary to go adjusting the sight glass, and if necessary to strengthen the areas of the field that need it most in the face of a season in which many see the Blues as candidates for relegation. Let’s not give them that pleasure.
With some changes in the starting eleven, Darío Martín was looking for an effect at the Vicente Sanz Municipal Stadium, but he did not find the key. The early stages were instead for the miners, with some approaches to Sebas Gil’s goal, especially that of Abraham in minute 8. But then came the debacle with three goals in 20 minutes. Ezequiel on penalty and a brace by Abraham Pozo made it very difficult for a match that was not going to end well.

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