Fama a bailar facebook

Fama a bailar facebook

Final fama a bailar! – we spoke with paula vázquez, with the

The contest was broadcasted between 2008 and 2011, five editions -plus one for children and another with former contestants- in which teachers such as Rafa Méndez, Marbelys Zamora, Sergio Alcover and directors Lola González and Víctor Ullate became popular. The winner of the first one was Vicky, who is currently in charge of the choreographies in the academy of OT. If we remember Fama, names like Hugo, Raquel, Ginés, Sergi, Lorena, Mark… come to mind. Do you want to vibrate again with Fama? the moment may be closer than ever!

Casting madrid | fama a bailar

The second edition of ‘FAMA a bailar’ will have one more week of competition. This good news is in line with the platform’s commitment to the program. Beyond the Sunday gala, the first week will have special galas from Sunday to Thursday at the usual time (21:00). You will be able to watch it on Cero, but all the rehearsals, highlights and performances will be available on its YouTube channel.
A double final that will consist of individual and couple performances, the incorporation of new dance styles, Iker Karrera as director of the school, a venue three times bigger than the first edition, more live and street events… ‘FAMA a bailar’ returned in 2018 with a brutal facelift that, together with the use of social networks, made it the revelation talent. No matter how much of a remake it was, you can always find nooks and crannies to improve. All those mentioned above, plus the extra week of competition, will make ‘FAMA’ something bigger than life.
We already knew that Lola Indigo was being very strong, but, in a display of redundancy, her new hit is already close to three and a half million plays on YouTube. The new header of the program has ‘Fuerte’ as a soundtrack and Mimi Doblas as a luxury godmother. The former contestant of ‘OT 2017’ also went through dance talent at the time of Cuatro and that already made her a safe bet when it came to choosing her as a replacement for Delaporte’s ‘Un jardín’. But the hit also sounds like a dance movie.

Body language – choreography by: liana blackburn

After the castings that will be held from February 13 in Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao, Barcelona and Las Palmas in March will open the doors of the academy of ‘FAMA’ directed by Igor Yebra and with a faculty formed by Iker Carrera, Ruth Prim, Raymond Naval, Carla Cervantes and Sandra Egido who will train the chosen ones to turn them into professionals.
And all this we can enjoy live, as Movistar has announced that there will be 24 hours of ‘FAMA a bailar’ through Youtube. If they also manage to exploit well the social networks and interactions with the fandom, the platform may have an instant success on its hands.

Group choreography «fame» | fama a bailar

Rafa Méndez (Tenerife, 1975) is an internationally famous dancer who gained media notoriety after his participation in Fama, a bailar, a dance reality show that catapulted him on television. But his talent goes far beyond that.
The show had its premiere the weekend before the declaration of the state of alarm and he had to cancel it, as well as the classes he was going to give in Parla. Méndez, on the other hand, prefers not to look back at the bad things of the past, but to keep the good things he has experienced and the near future: to take his show to the Teatro Rialto in Madrid on September 3 and 4, on September 10 to the Teatro Campos Elíseos in Bilbao and on September 11 to the Teatro Gayarre in Pamplona. Days before he speaks with Crónica Directo about the mentioned assembly and his career.
–Answer: In part yes, but it is also a way of giving an opportunity to young Canarian talents that, due to the insularity, it is much more difficult for them to get work. With my comings and goings between Madrid and Tenerife I realized that I had to do something. The Canary Islands is not only a small island but very little happens but it is much more than just «one hour less». Also, the show will make you love your land more, wherever you are from, and your islands, which are part of you. Total integration.

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