Iker jimenez facebook

Iker jimenez facebook

Iker jiménez analyzes the details of the pandemic at

But his anger did not stop there. He also had time to remember Ana Pastor and her news verification website, ‘Newtral’ following a reproach from Pablo Echenique about the alarmism of some media.
«And what did the companies that verify say? Let’s see it, man. Since they put this little sign to Iker, I can also check what they do,» and proceeded to comment on an article written on March 1 in which the use of masks was discouraged.
«The mask, for those who need it. The use of masks is only justified in people who have a respiratory infection so as not to infect others and healthcare personnel,» the article said.

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The publication immediately received responses from users: «Is it the pandemic that has made you bring fascists everywhere to your program? Or is it something of your fascist wife?    Iker Jiménez’s blunt response to a user on social networks «Don’t watch programs that sometimes don’t think like you. Better watch only those who think exactly like you. Advice from a friend,» replied the Mediaset presenter.
I’m not really talking about the pandemic, but rather what I have experienced in the pandemic makes me question many things. The mechanism of how people lie and manipulate is not only for the pandemic; unfortunately, it reaches everything. And you have to be aware of it- Iker Jiménez (@navedelmisterio) June 27, 2021

Iker jiménez will taste the meat made in 3d on thursday at

The objective was to reveal the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. The initiative was led by Colonel Luis Martín Otero, a virologist and doctor in Veterinary Medicine who works in the Biological Alert Laboratories Network. Thanks to his intervention, Iker Jiménez was able to visit and take pictures of a biosafety level 3 laboratory at the Animal Health Research Center. Martín Otero offered what regular viewers of ‘Cuarto Milenio’ expect. The most alarmist explanations were presented as if they were as logical as those held by scientists. «Until it is not proven, everything is possible», he said. A relief for conspiracists, because it legitimizes any hypothesis regardless of the evidence. «I want to believe,» said the poster in Fox Mulder’s office in ‘The X-Files’. When you want to believe, everything is easier if you are told that what you think, no matter how crazy, is perfectly natural.
Later, Martin Otero stated that «we know, not officially, that several countries are working with biological weapons». Jimenez’s followers are not so naïve that it is difficult for them to draw a curved line using the points they are given. They are trained for that and worse.

Iker jiménez with álex fidalgo ¡¡full episode!!!

On Venus there is evidence of the presence of a gas that could be explained by the presence of microorganisms. It is one more possibility that adds to the range of explanations to be analyzed during future scientific work.
Most science journalists had been working for weeks on the paper to be published in the journal Nature Astronomy in order to analyze the details before it was announced at a press conference on Monday. Iker Jiménez, from Cuarto Milenio, decided to give the details of this information in an edition of his program. The presenter assures that he was unaware that the information had been passed to journalists under the commitment to maintain the embargo.
«He has no idea about science and on top of that he gives it badly», said the director of the Museum of Science and Cosmos of Tenerife, Héctor Socas, in his social networks, where he regrets that «what has really happened is that he has made a dreadful fool of himself, something that can happen to anyone, but, instead of rectifying, with each step he has been bogging things down to the point of insulting world journalism», he affirmed.

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