Javier ledo facebook

Javier ledo facebook

El magacín juan jiménez y javier ledo 196 03 2021

Parte del Equipo desde 2014 Javi descubrió el running para demostrarse a sí mismo que podía terminar una maratón. Tras varios años en el asfalto descubrió que había un sinfín de posibilidades fuera de la carretera. No sólo descubrió el running, también vio que podía mezclarlo con la naturaleza y la montaña. También se dio cuenta progresivamente de que aumentando el número de horas la actividad en la montaña se convertía en una experiencia totalmente nueva. Así descubrió que lo que más le llenaba era la práctica del ultra trail running en la que se mezclan la naturaleza, la actividad y el encuentro con uno mismo.
En su afición por el Ultra Trail, lo importante para él es la tecnicidad de la carrera y no la distancia. Sus carreras favoritas son Zegama-Aizkorri, EhunMilak, Travesera de Picos de Europa, Diagonale des fous y las nuevas por descubrir, sólo es cuestión de tener buenas piernas, cabeza y estómago para realizarlas.

Utmb 2019 – javi dominguez – the undertaker strikes again!

A jury court had unanimously found Ledo guilty of felony murder by considering that he killed the woman “voluntarily and consciously” and eliminating “any possibility” of defense.
The Audiencia has declared proven that Javier Ledo acted “moved by jealousy” and having “a sense of possession” with respect to María Paz, and establishes that on the day of the crime, February 13, 2018, he attacked her “without prior warning, in a surprising way and in an unforeseen and sudden manner” with the intention of ending her life and while she was using whatsapp.
During the trial, the defendant claimed that the death was accidental when the woman fell down some stairs due to her drunkenness, although he admitted that he got rid of the body because he was afraid. However, forensic experts confirmed that the woman received at least five strong blows to the head with a blunt object and ruled out that the injuries could have been caused by a fall. The sentence is not final and can be appealed before the Civil and Criminal Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Asturias (TSJA).

El magacin javier ledo 14 05 2020

The attack took place with a rolling pin wrapped in a bag or other blunt object as well as several stones -one of which was of large dimensions- with which he gave her “successively, repeatedly and disproportionately” several blows on the arms, the left side of the face, the head and the left shoulder, all of which caused a severe cranioencephalic traumatism that led to her death. When he realized that María Paz was dead, Ledo got rid of her body by throwing it into the Arbón swamp, in Navia.


-We never had any relationship other than friendship. I have a lot of respect for Paz and her family. We both have children of similar ages and that’s why we used to meet when I went to see my son in Gijón. A normal relationship between friends.
She was found with her skull broken in several places, as if she had been beaten with fury, using a blunt object. She lay inert, pale. Her arms showed what are known as defense injuries. She tried to resist her assailant. On her neck, the signs of a strangulation attempt. The most distressing detail was that the woman’s body was without underwear.
The same day, in the same reservoir, the agents of the investigation found a bag of stones that the alleged murderer would have used as dead weight to tie it to the corpse so that it remained submerged at the bottom of the water. That is why it took three weeks for Paz’s body to appear.
After seeing each other that day, Javier said that around 6 p.m., she left. He proposed that she come back later, to go up to his house and have dinner together with Javier’s mother. She accepted and they agreed to meet around nine in the evening.

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