Javier sanchez facebook

Javier sanchez facebook

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Esta semana hablamos con Javier Sánchez, promotor, arquitecto y fundador del estudio de arquitectura JSa, con oficinas en Ciudad de México y en Perú. Nos interrogamos sobre el estado de la práctica contemporánea en México, el papel del modernismo y el poder de transformación de la arquitectura. Hablamos con Javier sobre el legado familiar, el tiempo y la innovación como hijo y nieto de arquitectos y de forjar su propio camino en el mundo del diseño. Y examinamos el papel del cambio personal y el papel de la carrera en el replanteamiento de la práctica arquitectónica.Timestamp Outline2:17
«Tienes que decidir lo que haces y lo que no, y creo que «lo que no» es lo más importante. Pero una vez que decides lo que haces, tienes que seguir eso y continuar con esa pasión hasta encontrar la siguiente cadena que es el rompecabezas que es tu vida.» 30:44
Formas de conocer el mundo: el modernismo, la meditación, el running extremo…35:02 El modernismo mexicano, Le Corbusier, Teodoro González de León, las influencias del Norte y del Oeste, y la estética y las formas de ser de los indígenas precolombinos37:52 Xochimilco, el agua y la orientación hacia la naturaleza y la memoria41:34 Las llaves de agua en Roma 42:02 México, gran problema con el agua44:40

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Corazon TVE magazine has had access to the judicial resolution that proves that Javier is the son of Julio Iglesias because they share 99% of the DNA. In addition, the judge also took into account the testimony of Maria Edite.
Once the judicial resolution is officially communicated to him, Julio Iglesias will have 20 working days to respond to this lawsuit and in case he does not do so, he will be declared in procedural default.
The fight of Javier Santos and his mother is not new, already in 1992 the former dancer resorted to the courts to get the paternity of her son recognized but, always for this part of the involved parties, a defect of form in the procedure made the Constitutional Court overturn a sentence, which in the first instance had been favorable to Maria Edite and her son.

Cbgp invited speaker #70 | javier sánchez martín

Javier Sánchez-Prieto is given as the main candidate to lead Iberia, although there is no official certification of a decision in this regard. Who has held the position of Vueling’s top executive since April 2016, was already Iberia’s CFO and Strategic Planning Director between 2013 and his departure to the Catalan airline.
Sánchez-Prieto is a member of IAG’s management committee, knew Iberia in crisis and participated decisively in its restructuring, with the implementation of the Transformation Plan together with the president Luis Gallego.
With a degree in Economics from the Complutense University of Madrid and an aeronautical engineering degree from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, the current CEO of Vueling was also present at the launch of Iberia Express in 2012.
At Iberia, two other executives with promotion possibilities sound strongly. The Commercial Director, Marco Sansavini, has been the shadow of President Gallego in his external projection. This Italian with a degree in economics and a master’s degree from IMD (Lausanne), has led Iberia’s commercial strategy since 2012. Previously, he had been director of strategy and vice president of sales at Alitalia, and was Air France-KLM’s commercial director for Europe and North Africa, and vice president of business.

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Saturday’s bullfight in Sacedón marks the return to the bullring of Javier Sánchez Vara after the great scare of the past few weeks, which led him to be admitted to the ICU. «I am quite recovered. I just came from the doctor, the test results are satisfactory and I have been authorized to fight on Saturday. My lung is quite well, although I still have some discomfort in my ribs. The scare has been for my family and friends, who have experienced it in a different way. I wasn’t aware of when it happened and it hasn’t affected me too much. But it’s true that you think about what could have happened», said the bullfighter himself.
Throughout this week, Vara has missed two festivals, since he was announced last Wednesday and also on Friday. «Every day is a big step forward in my recovery. I’m training the same way I always do and I’m going to fight some cows in Barriopedro to test myself. It’s true that we bullfighters recover earlier because we are undergoing a strong preparation, but I think that having the goal of fighting in Sacedón has helped me a lot mentally. I hope the bullfight goes well and I can have continuity in the season I have been having. My idea is to fight both bulls to my liking and, if not, to use my resources to give a good show».

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