Jorge lomar facebook

Jorge lomar facebook

When the ego loses its density | jorge lomar

Writer of Mental Ecology (2016 Edition expanded and revised), Radiant Heart (2015), Living Forgiveness (2013), by Ediciones El grano de Mostaza, and Mental Ecology (First edition 2010) and The Intelligence of Love (2008), published by Corona Borealis.
Reyes Ollero is Director of the School of Forgiveness. Forgiveness facilitator. Transpersonal Therapist. Expert in presence in emotion, opening the heart and meditative practice and conscious breathing. Student of UCDM, UCDA; VIA and all NO-DUAL practices. She lives in Madrid. «The meaning of my life is to forgive, to look beyond the forms to recognize the Self that dwells in all that is.»

Jorge lomar (conference barcelona. oct – 2016)

What is belief? A deep investigation in which your heart will discover a new perspective on what is happening right now: the power of your mind. Beliefs are only transformed through experiences, but we still believe that by modifying thoughts, beliefs change, because their form has changed. It is like changing words to say the same thing, if beliefs do not change your life does not change. What is faith? It is your awareness of what is real, of what really is. Do not leave this sharing without your power. Hugs.
Thank you infinite Love, your wisdom, humility, simplicity, reminds me of my greatness. All your audios lead me to recognize myself in what RealMente I am. THANK YOU. Your courses, weekend workshops as well as retreats, are part of me, precious experiences ? of Unity ….

The value of forgiveness for inner peace

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