Jose manuel baltar blanco facebook

Jose manuel baltar blanco facebook

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On the other hand, Mr. José Manuel Baltar Blanco, President of the Provincial Council of Ourense, in the name and on behalf of the same, appointed in Extraordinary Plenary Plenary Session of June 26, 2019, in accordance with the powers conferred by Article 34.1 of Law 7/1985, of April 2, 1985, on the Bases of Local Government and Article 105.1 of Law 5/1997, of July 22, 1997, on the Local Administration of Galicia.
On the other hand, Mr. Amador Vázquez Vázquez, Mayor of the City Council of Vilamarín, appointed in extraordinary plenary session of June 15, 2019, in exercise of the powers conferred by Law 7/1985, of April 2, Regulating the Bases of the Local Regime and by Article 61 of Law 5/1997, of July 22, of the Local Administration of Galicia.
V.  That in accordance with the provisions of Article 49.2 of Law 47/2003, of November 26, 2003, General Budgetary Law, the appropriations for expenses that at the end of the fiscal year were not assigned to the fulfillment of obligations already recognized shall be cancelled as of right, so that this readjustment of the amount not executed does not imply additional expenses for the co-financiers, including the CHMS, since the total amount of the agreement or the percentages of financing established therein are not increased.

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The president of the Diputación de Ourense, Manuel Baltar Blanco, said Monday when asked about the request for resignation in which the opposition groups insist that «do what they want» because he is «to talk about politics».
«I am here to talk about politics and for me that is not politics, they can do whatever they want,» he told the media to decline to address the request for resignation that the groups reiterate.
Asked about future plenary sessions in which the opposition maintains that it will continue to raise his resignation, Baltar said that «here everyone must be responsible for what he says and what he does, and last Friday it was known who is responsible». «I am here to ensure that the plenary sessions are carried out normally and that agreements are adopted,» he concluded.
This Monday the Session Hall of the Diputación de Ourense hosted a youth plenary in which they moved to the president of the provincial institution the issues that, in their view, most pressing to the young Ourense.

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The information of Galicia starts from Monday to Friday with a review of the most important news from 6:54 to 7:00 and from 7:50 to 8:00 with the disconnections of the news services directed and presented by Maite Garrido and Sandra Fares.
In her conclusions, the judge considers that the essential element of the criminal type denounced, which punishes those who ask for sexual favors «within the scope of an employment, teaching or service provision relationship», does not occur.
Regarding her work between 2009 and 2010 in the Diputación in the department of Surveys it could not be verified whether the woman «worked or not in the party», and in relation to a job in a party tent the people who helped her explained that «they did not receive any kind of consideration».
Based on these reasons it is considered that «it is not sufficiently justified» the provision of services» either in the political party «because the witnesses deny the realization of uncredited paid activities», or in the Diputación «because the provision of services occurs until 2010 at the latest», when the president of this body was José Luis Baltar Pumar.

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Baltar stressed that Ourense has been in 2018 «the Galician province where tourism has increased the most, a positive balance that is due to the consolidation as a thermal destination, combined with the tourist, scenic, cultural and eno-gastronomic attractions of Ourense».
The publication, coordinated by Mario Crecente and Silvia González Soutelo, analyzes in a didactic and scientific way the historical aspects of the thermalism in Ourense, in addition to the geothermal resources of the province, traditions and thermal potentialities, and the future perspectives of the great thermal province of Europe.
In this sense, he affirmed that the thermalism of Ourense «is the inland sea that nourishes a good part of the competitive evolution in our province, something that distinguishes and singularizes us and that makes that all the national and international forums to which we are invited are interested in the management that we carry out in thermal matters, since it is the healthiest natural resource and with greater potential that exists in the world».

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