Mar flores facebook

Mar flores facebook

Lucas felix and @illyofficial – mar de flores (official clipe)

This season we wanted to present the new collection through our clients because you are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. MFM not only represents a woman, but an attitude #actitudMFM.
They look like classic garments but ‘with a twist’. Many of them could dress young women and older profiles, wearable clothes for everyday life.  Every woman is beautiful and fashion is present for everyone.Beatriz Carmona
I fell in love with the new collection, it was very difficult for me to decide on the three outfits because I like everything, luckily Mar and you helped me and I was more than delighted.Almudena García Pascual
I really enjoyed the experience and the people (the team) were great. I would recommend any woman to apply for any new edition you have…. The truth is that I loved the new collection. Besides, I identify myself very much with those colors because they are the ones I use in my paintings…. They transmit peace and harmony to me.  Magali Llata

Um inacreditável mar rosa de flores na espanha (aitona)

The model, who is spending some wonderful days in Ibiza sunbathing and snorkeling with her children in beautiful crystal clear waters, has also posed on a yacht in a photograph taken by her own son. «Photo by my son», she wrote in the snapshot in which she is wearing a straw hat. In addition, she did not hesitate to publish some sunset of the area where she is and the immensity of the moon in the sea in the early hours of the morning. After the separation from her partner, the businesswoman is living an unbeatable moment.  She has just received a very special award at the Lara Theater in Madrid for her solidarity work in organizations such as ‘Infancia sin fronteras’, ‘Mensajeros de la Paz’, and the Women Together Foundation, an international organization associated with the United Nations dedicated to the promotion of projects to eradicate poverty, and she lives dedicated to her children.

Estrelinha do mar – flowers in e.v.a.

And obviously, a healthy diet plays a fundamental role in this. But so does exercise and Mar Flores practices it very often, as she lets us see through the social network. The exercises of Mar Flores to stay in shapeThis is one of the exercises that do not fail to the model when it comes to work abdomen, and especially, obliques. On a bench, we have seen her strengthening the core like never before with this movement:
The model also works strength with bodybuilding exercises (you know, essential to burn fat and increase muscle mass), and among her routine are some like this, with which she works back with the help of the gym machine.
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Pure dj set ibiza with mar flores

As Beatriz Cortázar writes in ABC, Mar Flores actually only answered a couple of questions on the subject in the middle of a long interview, but they have been enough to resurrect her love past. «If a guy goes out with three women he is a macho man, if you are a woman and do the same, a prostitute», was the phrase that uncovered the box of thunder.
And the fact is that, when these images appeared, Mar Flores was already dating Cayetano Martínez de Irujo. A relationship that never enjoyed the approval of the Duchess of Alba, and to which the publication of the images certainly did not contribute to improve. After the breakup with Cayetana’s son, Mar took refuge in an ex who eventually became her husband, the businessman Javier Merino.

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