Pastora soler facebook

Pastora soler facebook

Andy reacts! spain eurovision 2012 (pastora soler) reaction!

Blas Cantó will put in the hands of the spectators the choice of his song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.  It will be in ‘Destino Eurovision’, a special gala in which, in addition to performing the candidate songs -‘Memoria’ and ‘Voy a quedarme’- will feature Pastora Soler, Vanesa Martín, Edurne, Nia, Andrés Suárez, Cepeda and Roi.
Memoria’ and ‘Voy a quedarme’Blas Cantó will perform live his two songs for the festival: two powerful proposals of which he is co-author and whose stories show fragments of his own life story.’Memoria’, composed by Steve Daly, Oliver Som, Leroy Sánchez and Blas Cantó, is an up tempo with lots of percussion and a very powerful set of voices. A careful production that talks about what you would love to get out of your head but you know you will never be able to; and ‘Voy a quedarme’, signed by Blas Cantó himself with Leroy Sánchez, Daniel Ortega ‘Dangelo’ and Dan Hammond, is an exciting and modern ballad that retains influences of great classic ballads and in which Blas plays with all his vocal registers.

Pastora soler

This is the second time that the singer suffers in a short period of time a problem during a concert, after the fainting suffered in Seville last March 8, which made her to be away from her work for a few weeks. Sources close to her commented that she herself assured shortly after that trance that she sometimes suffers from low blood pressure, but that it had never happened to her during a performance.
The stage fright she felt from that day in Fibes seems to be one of the reasons for this announcement of withdrawal, although in her environment there are those who say that this will not be definitive, it’s just a matter of giving her time to overcome that fear.
Along with all this, we must remember the perhaps excessive workload or professional responsibilities, both for her tour and television contracts or those that she herself has put on her back.
Pastora Soler began her current tour ‘Conóceme’ on January 11 at the Gran Teatro Falla in Cadiz, and since then has not stopped. The singer from Coria has been combining the numerous concerts of this tour with the television program ‘Se Llama Copla Junior’, but Pastora also went to the concerts in which these young singers performed to show her support.

Pastora soler – with him (official audio)

The deputy mayor has appealed for us not to be confident because the vaccination goes at a good pace and to follow all security measures. «Life must go forward, economic activity, culturla, leisure and sports, but with measures to make it all work. Nobody is the problem and we are all part of the solution. We must do our part.
As for the big concerts, they will take place in the bullring at 10 pm. Pastora Soler’s concert will be on September 5, Sidecars’ on September 7 and Loquillo’s on September 9. The price of the tickets is 10 euros in the stands and 15 euros in the chairs of the ring. Tickets can be purchased from Tuesday afternoon through and from Wednesday at the Cultural Center «La Confianza».
On the 4th at 9.30 p.m. will take place the Vaso XXV Ciclo de Vinos Nobles with Ángela Vallvey, organized by the Tertulia Literaria Desde el Empotro, of the A7 Foundation, and on the 5th at 10 p.m. a poetic recital by the Artistic and Literary Group «El Trascacho».

I’ll wake you up (official videoclip) – pastora soler

The Los Califas bullring was the stage chosen by Pastora Soler for the second date of her tour in which she presented her new album, ‘Sentir’. The concert started at the stipulated time and with the maximum capacity allowed due to health restrictions. But in the third song began the storm, which, at first was dry, so the artist continued singing while lightning illuminated the sky. One song later it began to rain with weakness and in the fifth song it did it with more force with which the show had to stop after 20 minutes. An hour later the organization decided to suspend the show.
In social networks he showed his disappointment and asked the spectators to save their tickets: «The storm did not leave us, just a little while that tasted like glory and left me with honey on my lips, but with more desire to meet you Cordoba…. In a few days I’ll announce the new date…. Save the tickets».

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