Vincular facebook con twitter

Vincular facebook con twitter

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As we participate in more and more Social Networks, it becomes more and more difficult to update all of them without spending a lot of time. Have you ever thought about synchronizing several of your Social Network profiles with each other?
First of all I have to say that this practice if not done well and in a controlled way can affect you negatively because those who follow you on several Social Networks will see duplicate messages every time you launch one, so it is important to know when we are going to do it and in which networks.

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If you have a profile on all social networks, it is very likely that in some cases you have neglected some of them, either because you do not find content that interests you or you simply forgot about it.
If your profile is professional, it is vital that it is updated so that your subscribers do not pass you by and follow you. You need to be present with fresh content and more at a time when everything happens on the Internet.
When we link accounts from the different social networks we have, it allows us to publish the same content at the same time. Some are in favor of connecting the different profiles, as it is a way to keep them always updated and show the same content.

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Many of the accounts you see on Social Networks with constant activity, in each and every one of their profiles, use the option to link Social Networks. In this way, their published content is instantly shared on other Social Networks, previously selected, that is the perfect solution. That’s the perfect solution. Do you want to know how to do it? Then keep reading this article.
Some consider, and are convinced, that linking different profiles can be highly beneficial as it is a way to ensure that profiles always display content and maintain a regularity of publications over time. By doing so, users visualize the constant updating of the profile, or profiles, and, therefore, also of the content.
If you are thinking of linking your profiles, first of all, we want you to know what are the most frequent problems when linking your Social Networks. Remember that by linking your accounts you are offering the same message to all your followers, regardless of which profile they are on or follow. The positive point is that, as a general rule, a fan does not follow you on all the Social Networks you own.

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