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Por favor, echa un vistazo a Efemérides Inmortales, una de nuestras «Estrellas de la Blogosfera» favoritas. Clifford Aliperti es el anfitrión de este oasis para todos los que se interesan por las películas clásicas y los coleccionables de cine. Hoy ha publicado mi post invitado sobre postales de estrellas de cine europeas, y ha hecho un trabajo maravilloso con él.
El alto y corpulento actor Walter Slezak (1902 – 1983) comenzó su carrera cinematográfica como un delgado y apuesto protagonista de películas mudas austriacas y alemanas. Incapaz de mantener su peso bajo control, Slezak decidió en torno a 1930 convertirse en un actor de carácter. Cuando los nazis llegaron al poder, se trasladó a Broadway y Hollywood. Allí solía interpretar a villanos o matones, pero también hacía papeles más ligeros y amables.
Acabo de descubrir que tenemos más de un millón de visitas. Vaya, una cifra inimaginable. Y 300 personas siguen ahora este blog. ¡Gracias, gracias, gracias, amigos! Esto es una inspiración para continuar.
Y, gracias a todos los que me ayudan con este blog. Gracias, Didier, por compartir tus raras y hermosas postales. Disfruto de cada escaneo que me envías por correo. Gracias, Egbert, por dejarme escanear todas tus postales del cine holandés y alemán. Y gracias, Jan, por contribuir con tus artículos, por tus sugerencias y tu apoyo. Tu enorme colección de postales de la época muda es una de las bases de este blog.

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‘Me cogí a un pelotudo’ is an Argentinean website where you can laugh at some of the funniest sexual confessions, and at the same time denounce that guy you wish you had never taken to bed.
The page was a total success. «Suddenly the number of followers started to grow and a lot of stories came in every day, it was incredible the amount, I didn’t have time to read everything,» Laura adds.
This doesn’t mean that the ‘asshole’ comments can’t be fun. «We also take into account those who tell you or do something funny that despite making you think «what a jerk you are», it adds to the garche (to have sex),» adds Laura.
Most of the stories are sent by women, although men are not spared from having slept with ‘pelotudas’ either. Laura explains the reason: «For me it’s because men don’t care so much about what women do or say, they care about getting it on. And out there, for women, there are things that can NOT be said or done.»
One of the stories she remembers the most and that has made her laugh the most is the one about a woman who was giving oral sex to her partner and the ‘pelotudo’ grabbed her by the ears and started singing «Yo tengo un elefante que se llama trompita» (I have an elephant called a trumpet).

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The constant question is, how far should you love without giving up who you are? Many times this complex spectrum of love is somewhat confusing and worrying, since self-love hangs, repeatedly, on the tightest rope.
He touches on a rather arduous subject to develop in this work, «the will to love or to stop loving», for which he expresses that we have all the faculty to decide to love as well as to decide to stop loving. However, psychological clinics are full of brave women and men who refute the idea that love is uncontrollable and totally irrational. Complete love, which includes passion (eras), friendship (philia) and tenderness (agape), does not come suddenly like a demon or an angel that takes possession of us; there is also the will to love or not to love. Not only does love «possess» us, but we also possess it: no one is a victim of love without his or her own consent,» says the author.
«Beyond my dignity and at any price, whatever you do, I will love you per sécula seculórum. Unlimited, irrevocable and eternal love. Who could have come up with such stupidity? If love justified everything, it would be above human rights, justice and ethics. We would enter into an affective «anything goes» that would work like a time bomb, where «being for the other» would be automatically validated and «being for oneself» would be considered heresy,» Riso points out.

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Hello good, they say that today is Wednesday, I don’t care, what I want is coffee with you to drink, and enjoy… We live in a social system that leads us to transform unnecessary goods into something we supposedly need, and it does so with urgency and scarcity. Therefore, not only products are sold, but also ways of thinking and acting. But it does not only happen with the material, we have also been sold the idea of having to depend on relationships to live better. Today I want to talk to you about detachment. I won’t go any further, listen.
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