Aitana war instagram

Aitana war instagram

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Operación Triunfo 2017′ has been a success and its contestants, since they have left the Academy, are highly sought after by brands. Most of the triunfitos are in the spotlight and have a lot of influence on their fans.
After them there are neither Amaia nor Alfred. The next most paid per publication are two Galicians: Roi and Cepeda. Although the estimated amount is much lower than the female duet, they charge between 1,000 and 3,000 euros. This has been revealed by the expert in social networks in ‘Sálvame’.

Jorge lópez

A few weeks ago he traveled to Los Angeles to record what will be his first album. Through social networks he shared with his followers the process of what he was preparing with producers Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo.
The distance could have been one of the factors that made the couple decide to end their relationship. In addition to Los Angeles, Aitana has scheduled new trips to the south of America to continue with her new project, and her busy schedule requires her to give her all.

Amaia instagram

Aitana is still far from the 2.2 million users that follow her idol, Dulceida, on this social network. However, in just two months she has emerged as a real influencer on the Internet. And this has had its first consequences: Inditex’s young clothing brand, Stradivarius, has recently signed Aitana as its new brand ambassador. She is the brand new image of the clothing firm, a successful marketing move that is already paying off. The Pa Mala Yo T-shirt, which refers to the song she sings with Ana Guerra, is already on its way to becoming Zara’s new yellow jacket.

Ester esposito

They will never admit it, but even the most diehard fans of the format are getting bored with this edition. Just look at how they keep pulling the classics to continue the noise through social networks. Aitana, Amaia, Alfred, Ana War, Cepeda, Roi or Raoul fly far above the current contestants: Natalia, Alba Reche, Famous, the one with blue eyes, the one who looks like the one from Taburete and the other nine participants I can’t remember anymore.
‘La vida no es para todos’, that’s the title of this «novela de chats falsos», is already in its 12th chapter. Obviously, it has become a tale of crossed stories where other contestants of the previous edition of ‘OT’ have managed to have their own plots until reaching a script twist that has turned this «Elite triumph» in ’13 reasons why’ after the fictional suicide of Amaia. By the way, the real Amaia has to be hooked on the fanfic because she already follows on Instagram @sonrisasaitana.
The fake whatsapp account has its particular tweet debate among the fandom of ‘Operación Triunfo’. The most detractor part of the story, considers that it frivolizes and «romanticizes» suicide. While the chapters are increasing, ‘La vida no es para todos’, in addition to Amaia herself, has aroused even the curiosity of Soy una pringada.

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