Aitziber myhyv instagram

Aitziber myhyv instagram

Redmoon – come with me (official videoclip)

Coinciding with the entry of Albert Álvarez and Albert Barranco as new tronistas, this Monday on Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa, the format presented by Emma García inaugurates a new stage in the network that will include several new features: a ‘double tritono’; the expansion of the team of ‘opinionistas’ with the debut of Lucía Pariente and Kiko Jiménez; the house of the tronistas, a new scenario for the dates of the protagonists; and a new graphic line.
Judith has returned this Monday to the set of Mujeres y hombres y viceversa to settle the outstanding accounts that were left after her sudden departure. The former suitor of Yera returned to reveal important information that had come to her about the tronista.
This Monday, the most astute viewers of Mediaset could realize that a suitor of Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa starred in a hot gay date in First Dates. So far everything is normal, but the surreal thing is that in Emma Garcia’s program, Jacinto defined himself as heterosexual.

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The teams of Cholo Simeone and Zinedine Zidane will face each other in the Champions League semifinals. The battle will begin on May 2. Before the expected date, from Informalia we want to know which are the sexiest women or girlfriends (known as WAGS) of the two teams. For this we have contacted Pipi Estrada, who has given us his opinion. The journalist assures us that «Madrid wins», although «in penalties»: «The white team’s striker wins by size», he determines. Judge for yourselves.
On Wednesday, El Intermedio dedicated part of its program to comment on the Eurovision, which celebrates its grand finale this Saturday, May 13, at the Kiev Exhibition Center. Wyoming analyzed with Dani Mateo Manel Navarro’s rivals in the festival and received by surprise one of the stars of this year’s edition of the contest: the gorilla of Occidentali’s Karma.
Belén Esteban answered this Tuesday to Sofía Suescón, winner of GH 16, after this one got into the studies that Kiko, Gloria Camila’s boyfriend, had and said that «he had come to television on the rebound».

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Lara Alvarez, the new host of the next edition of Supervivientes, has already begun her physical preparation for the adventure that lies ahead in Honduras. And so motivated she has been seen in the gym, climbing a rope that could well be one of the lianas that she will find on the island. First day of the ‘initiation to Rambo’, she has explained in a message on her Instagram account next to the video in question.
And it is that Lara is the fashion girl and everything she does interests. Recently, at the presentation of a well-known brand of beer, the young woman acknowledged that she is very happy with this new television project and that she is looking forward to seeing herself on the island.
Regarding the contestants who have already announced their participation in the reality show, she acknowledged that she is looking forward to seeing how Chabelita, Isabel Pantoja’s daughter, will do. Also, for the moment, she is joined by the actor, director and porn producer Nacho Vidal; and Lola Ortiz and Noel Bayarri, former «tronistas» of Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa.

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But beyond bringing to light the dirty laundry of the past, the ex-pretendant that Ferchu or Manu Lombardo also had has dropped a few pearls among which ensures that Ana Mójica, current partner of ‘Gandía Shore’ could also star in a similar situation to his and be skipping the rules of the program with which is now the great love of his life.
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