Alex adrover instagram

Alex adrover instagram

Alex leys: pad tips #2: astordiddles.

In addition to their artistic career, they are united by their passion for cooking, so much so that both have been contestants in the TVE talent show, Masterchef Celebrity. Although the career of both actors has been different in the editions in which they have participated, while Patricia Montero became a finalist and her husband, Alex Adrove, was kicked out of the television kitchens long before reaching the tenth week.
Now, they are back in front of the cameras, but not to shoot a movie or a TV series, but to open a cooking channel on Instagram, where every week they will be posting tasty and easy to prepare recipes.

Patricia montero shares a photo breastfeeding her daughter

In a moment as important as this, the couple has not been alone. As can be seen in the images they have shared, among which there is a group photograph, Lula Duhalde, their representative, and Dani Alcover and Lucrecia, two of their closest friends, have also been present in court.
Although not everyone was physically present at the event, those who also wanted to send their best wishes to the two actors with comments in their respective social media posts were also Sara Sálamo, Isco Alarcón’s partner; Ona Carbonell and choreographer Poty Castillo.

Patricia montero shows a tender video of her daughters on

But this time a harmless photo has been enough for some followers to attack her in a disproportionate way. In it she appears breastfeeding Laya and clarifies that she has dark circles under her eyes, that it is early and that she gives her breakfast before going to her yoga class. Many applauded her photo and told her she looked divine, but others found it so offensive that they gave free rein to their ‘haterism’.
It all started with a comment that read: «Unnecessary photo…. Sexualizing a precious moment… Little taste the truth», which was followed by several more: «This kind of photos are to denounce and to be removed», «You should not upload this, uploading a photo of your breasts on Instagram is not right».
Fortunately not everyone thinks the same, and there have been many who have defended her: «The problem is you who see what there is not…», «Sad is the people who see beyond a beautiful photo of a mommy feeding her baby». She hasn’t said anything, what’s the point, if her picture says it all. We are fans!

Couples’ mess! «do you think my husband is handsome?»

Actress Rebel Wilson, star of the criticized movie Cats, has decided to make a radical change in her physical appearance and has already lost no less than 25 kilos. To achieve this, she has changed her eating habits for a much healthier diet and practices sports every day with the help of a personal trainer.
The Ministry of Health has banned videos in which influencers recommend the use of different medicines and pharmaceutical products. One of the triggers that led the health authorities to take this measure was the instagramer María Pombo, who a few months ago recommended the use of wipes against acne based on antibiotics whose sales rose alarmingly.
Lola Indigo has been applauded by her Instagram followers after posting an image without Photoshop and au naturel in which she appears showing off her great body backstage moments before going out to perform.
The Jonas Brothers have announced a new single on social media and the post has gone viral. The three brothers appear on an unmade bed dressed in a suit and Nick makes a sexual provocation. The young man takes his hand to his crotch, which has caused a revolution in the networks.

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