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Alex chiner instagram

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Ser un influencer no sólo significa reunir un gran número de seguidores en cualquier red social. Más allá de eso, para generar influencia es necesario que la persona cree lazos estables de confianza con sus seguidores y fomente la conversación con ellos, animándoles a participar en diálogos o a interactuar con sus publicaciones.
La capacidad de captar la atención de la audiencia y la frecuencia con la que se produce la interacción con los seguidores son dos de los indicadores clave para saber si un influencer tiene engagement con su comunidad o no.
La capacidad de generar engagement es un elemento clave que las marcas deben tener en cuenta a la hora de elegir al influencer con el que desarrollar sus campañas de marketing. Seleccionar a la persona adecuada es fundamental si se quiere tener éxito en la generación de una campaña de marketing de influencers.
La plataforma SamyRoad ha elaborado una lista con los 10 influencers españoles con mayor capacidad para generar interacción con sus seguidores en Instagram. Según esta empresa, serían los siguientes:


If there is something that characterizes Paula Gonu that is her freshness and naturalness in front of the cameras, both for the good and the bad. The influencer has just posted some videos on Instagram in which she can’t stop crying while communicating to her followers a major change in her life. Judging by Paula’s disconsolate crying anyone would say that this is a misfortune but, contrary to what it seems, it all has to do with great news.
Paula Gonu has used Insta Stories as a platform to talk closely to her followers and share with them a piece of news: she is going to live with her boyfriend, Alex Chiner. What for anyone is a reason for happiness and laughter of joy, for Paula has turned into a scene of endless tears.
However, that was something temporary while this is already a decision with much more weight. Paula Gonu is happy about what is coming but sad at the same time. “I’ve been sleeping in that room all my life,” explains the influencer via Instagram.

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Social networks don’t always show happiness, just tell it to Marta Pombo. The influencer Paula Gonu, one of those with more international projection, has decided to be honest with her followers and explain why she had been so absent in her social networks.
Paula Gonu wanted to explain to her followers, most of them underage and very influential, that it is normal to be bad from time to time: “We have to value and applaud ourselves for having sown, little by little, something that in the future will let us harvest what we wanted to harvest”. “Feeling that you are at the bottom of the well, in a loop, is also okay,” he argued in his YouTube video.

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Risto Mejide, very excited about the upcoming arrival of his daughter Roma, has posted an image of the belly of his wife, Laura Escanes.Laura Escanes and Risto Mejide in an image on his Instagram. / instagram.HEART .
View this post on InstagramLife. #Roma #toelrratoA post shared by Risto Mejide (@ristomejide) on Jun 2, 2019 at 3:49 PDThus, last weekend, the couple celebrated the ‘baby shower’. A party decorated as if it were an ice cream parlor, in
pastel shades, full of sweets and with the name of Roma everywhere, which did not miss some of the most important people in his life, as his best friends, the mother of the ‘youtuber’ or familiar faces like
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