Almudena llacer instagram

Almudena llacer instagram

Good morning at multipower tutorial

Objective of the session: To eliminate muscular tensions and pain through physical exercise and the acquisition of good postural habits. The aim is to learn the theory and practice of the exercises in order to be able to put them into practice on a regular basis. Duration of the session: 60 minutes Place and date of the session: Therapeutic process, 8th of October
How to do strides with good technique. It is very important to follow the following indications to perform a stride correctly, as it is a complex exercise that requires body awareness and practice. To perform it safely and effectively the perfect stride will be done like this: The starting point should be upright,
Hello everybody !    Today I want to write about a reflection that a friend and I were doing the other day. We both exercise almost every day and our diet follows a healthy plan. And it is not a fad or an emergency remedy, it is a way of life, something that you do not think about changing.
The most difficult fight. The boxing evening begins, Nana approaches the ring nervous, it is a critical moment, she is sweating, she notices that her heart is accelerating a lot, and even knowing that it is not a particularly strong heart she is determined to go ahead. The bell rings and the first round begins. Nana Garcia

4 cable exercises to shape your booty| exercises for your butt

Before starting with the interview I wanted to tell you that Almudena is also the author of two wonderful ebooks: ‘Shape your body’ (I already have it and it is helping me a lot to keep my figure during this period of quarantine) and another one specifically for pre-moms, called “Fit365 Premamás”.
Simply by listening to my friends’ complaints about how little time they had to go to the gym and try to stay in shape.    I realized that this was a general problem for women today. We all like to look good, to be fit, but we barely have time to do so.
I would tell them to start with the “Total Body” and then, depending on the area they were particularly interested in improving, follow the specific plans.  Of course, all the plans I have on my website can be combined, alternated or even done several in the same day.
Honestly, no. With 20 minutes a day “can not do miracles” although you can perceive changes in your body (you will feel more toned, harder) but to get, as they say, a great body, you need to change your lifestyle (basically habits and diet) although Fit 365-20 minutes is the first step to get it. A great and successful step.

Body reset #1 beginners

The bottom line, in general, is that virtually everyone who squints looks more attractive and comes out better in photos if they use this gesture. It’s not a panacea, and it won’t make a dramatic change, but it will help you look better.
Actually, it’s best explained with a photo. The story, in general, comes because, in order not to look like you are a dazzled cat in the middle of the road (Americans use another expression, deer in the highlights, changing the cat for a deer), if you are not with your eyes wide open, your facial expression improves. That is, you come out more handsome or beautiful if you don’t make an astonished face. Such deep reflection has been filling discussion forums, news and tips for models, influencers, actors and more people who frequent the cameras.
If you’ve been interested in all this, there may be a couple of other topics on this blog that catch your attention. One is about the reasons why people come out badly in photos, and the other has to do with the types of books I usually offer.

One leg reverse hip trust / for gluteus + abs + hips +

Everyday life at home can be used for an infinite number of things, like watching movies, reading, drawing… and also learning about styling. The care and beauty of our skin is not an easy thing with the infinite number of products and ways to do it. That’s why we propose you the live show that the influencer Dulceida will do from the profile of MAC, a famous makeup store. The live show will consist of some tricks to make a perfect makeup in pink tones.
Reading is a practice that keeps our mind active, it is also the best way for our imagination to travel to impossible and fantastic places. Without a doubt it is something we should all do every day for a little while, but now that we have a lot of free time at home it is time to include it in our daily routine. In addition, nowadays there are many forms of “reading” such as audio books. These are files in which the book is narrated to us, as if someone were telling us about it. Something similar is what the author of juvenile books Andrea Izquierdo will do for us, who will delight us with the reading of an unpublished story. If you also want to learn how to write, Carlos Miranda will give a creative writing workshop. To end the day, we propose a live performance by gymnast Almudena Cid, in which she will read an excerpt from her book “El mundo de Olympia” (Olympia’s World).

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