Alonso aznar instagram

Alonso aznar instagram

Lorena aznar and yolanda cambra. live on instagram

Aznar’s girlfriend belongs to a wealthy Mexican family. Her father, Pablo Collado, is an investor and businessman closely linked to the Chedraui brothers, who own one of the largest fortunes in Mexico, valued at more than $1 billion. His mother, Monica de Cima, is a professional photographer, specializing in the equestrian world of competition. The couple is divorced. Renata is very close to her sister Valentina, fashion director of Vogue Mexico, a magazine for which she has worked as a freelancer. According to the criteria of The Trust ProjectLearn moreSee links of interest

Interview with aznar: «we did not participate in the iraq war

At first glance, I’m sure his name doesn’t mean much to you. And that is normal. But let’s get to know her a little better, because there’s a lot to like about her. Because Renata, as she describes herself on her professional website, is a photographer and producer.
She has lived halfway around the world: Sydney, Mexico, New York or Namibia, «where she worked intensively with wildlife, as well as with the education of local communities,» she says. The girl, in short, is a globetrotter who always has her camera in hand. Like any influencer, only this one does it well. And her life and her photos have amassed more than 11,000 followers on her Instagram account.
In the girl’s LinkedIn profile (the Tinder of any HR manager), she defines herself as «environmentalist, Earth advocate and photographer». She has collaborated as a travel editor at Vogue Mexico and is co-founder of ‘Eco-nnect’, a platform whose purpose is to «disseminate information and promote environmental awareness».

Anabel alonso and the band | the roast of josé mota | comedy

José Mota was a young student of the jet, and graduated in Business Management and Administration. His older brother, José María followed the same path. His career has been long and full of experience. He started as an analyst at New York-based SLS Capital in 2006. He then worked at the US headquarters of BBVA, then at Banco de Santander, in Madrid, and finally in London, at Citibank. In 2013 he started working at the private equity fund Rhone Group. He tried an entrepreneurial venture, with the app Wibbi, but it did not bear fruit. This failure did not discourage him to undertake other adventures, such as film production in the company Dos Cincuenta y Nueve, which has already produced a film, «Abuelos», directed by Santiago Requejo.
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David lebón ft. pedro aznar «hombre de mala sangre

He also made his first steps in the world of cinema through the film ‘Abuelos’, directed by Santiago Requejo and produced by Dos Cincuenta y nueva, a company with which Aznar was also associated. This personal project went somewhat better for him.
However, the reality is that today Aznar Botella, is in a sweet professional stage at the head of Afiniti Spain, as it appears in the interview that the youngest of the family gives to the newspaper El Mundo.
He also does so with renowned former leaders, such as François Fillon, former French Prime Minister; David Cameron, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; Princess Beatrice of York; or John Snow, President of the Cerberus fund and former Secretary of the Treasury of the United States during the presidency of George Bush Jr, among other leaders.

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