Anna ferrer padilla instagram

Anna ferrer padilla instagram

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View this post on InstagramA post shared by ANNA PADILLA(@annafpadilla)She started her 2.0 wanderings on YouTube. In that channel she told a little bit of everything and began to generate a loyal base of followers who
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Paz Padilla and her daughter Anna Ferrer, presented this Thursday the new collection of handbags of ‘No ni ná’, the company they run together. However, this presentation comes with controversy, as many people have criticized the «abusive» prices of their articles.
But as it usually happens in these cases, the criticisms have not taken long to arrive. And despite the quality of the bags, many are not happy with the prices, and believe that mother and daughter «have swung».
And the truth is that the items are valued at 149.90 euros and 225 euros. Prices that do not suit all pockets. Although it must be said that these amounts are similar to those of the bags they launched in the previous collection, whose price was 119 euros.
Each piece of the collection is handcrafted, one by one, in all processes. From the cutting to the sewing and manual finishing of all the details. In each of them is invested between 4 and 6 hours of manufacturing process, and passes through the hands of about 14 artisans.

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Anna Padilla’s headboard at Maisons du Monde It is called KERALA and it is the same headboard that Anna Ferrer Padilla has in her bedroom. It is made of mango wood and painted in white with pickled effect, ideal for a boho look. It is available in several models, but the one in the image measures 180 centimeters. PRICE: 659 €659Buy
A very exotic headboard by Kave Home Made with solid mango wood and coconut shells, this headboard will refresh your bedroom like no other. We love its texture and style! It is the Kron model and measures 174×135 centimeters. PRICE: 339 €Buy
A headboard assembled by pieces from Etsy This wooden headboard carved in the shape of a mandala is a real work of art, although to hang it you’ll need the help of another person, since the pieces are mounted directly on the wall. It measures 182.88 centimeters and we assure you that it will be a real eye-catcher. PRICE: 338,39 €338,39Buy
A similar headboard at Maisons du Monde If you like the detail of carved wood, this headboard may be the piece you were looking for your bedroom. It is the INDORE model, measures 160 centimeters and is composed of two panels that form a semicircle. PRICE: 319,90 €Buy

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Although Paz Padilla’s daughter tells, she still wears it sometimes, but on rare occasions. Through this confession she does not intend that her followers follow her example and get rid of their bras, it is only an option that she has taken and that can serve for those who have never considered it.
After sharing her decision, F. Padilla has received messages of support and criticism. She has been forced to clarify the post via Instagram Stories: «I’m not forcing anyone, I just wanted to tell you. Since summer I have not worn a bra and now in winter, well, also». She settles the controversy by inviting to try going without a bra and the comfort that this fact provides.

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