Anuar beno instagram

Anuar beno instagram

Anuar beno launches an important advice to his brother asraf

And is that his brother is on his way to becoming equal or better than Asraf. For starters, in his Instagram account he boasts of exercising the same professions as his brother -including his facet as an actor- and these days his popularity has been on the rise and has conquered nearly 20,000 followers in his social network, more than half of Asraf’s total. Everything changed for Anuar when his brother chose him as a defender on set of his adventures in the house of Guadalix. There, viewers began to realize the great physical resemblance between the brothers and the many similarities between them.
On more than one occasion, Anuar has taken advantage of his presence on the sets to promote his Instagram account: «To all those who want to follow me, my account is like my name, Anuar Beno». And the truth is that there have been many who have followed him. Diving into his account, it only takes a few seconds to realize that he is not bad at posing.

Anuar beno instagram online

In fact, this Monday it was Kiko Hernández on Sálvame who revealed that Belén Esteban had a surprise guest at her wedding… and it is none other than Anuar, Asraf Beno’s brother, who is currently competing in GH VIP 6. Anuar must be liking this going from set to set defending his brother, because he has already been confident enough with Belén to ask her, with all his nerve, to invite him to the wedding!
Anuar is becoming, little by little, a real instagramer: what’s more, since his brother is in the reality show and he is in charge of defending him tooth and nail all over Telecinco, he has already gained more than 15,000 followers on Instagram … and it seems that he has caught the tailwind of success in social networks, because if before he posted photos when he remembered, now it is rare that he does not publish a photo every few days, in addition to the Stories, which are daily!
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Anuar beno instagram 2021

It should be noted that the conflict that Isa is going through because of the quarrel between her mother and her brother, Kiko Rivera, has also taken its toll on their relationship. In fact, Asraf has referred in derogatory terms to his in-laws, with whom he does not get along very well, while Chabelita has been affected by the problems in Cantora, where she has refused to go despite the fact that the reality show production gave her permission to leave for a few hours to visit the «tonadillera».  For now, Telecinco viewers are still waiting for the final outcome of the story of their love story. Many want to know if the couple will come out stronger or Isa will have to face another setback in her life.

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El prometedor director queer Miguel Lafuente nació en Madrid. Tras estudiar cine en Estados Unidos, Lafuente regresó a España para fundar su propia productora de cine y vídeos musicales queer. Estos tres cortometrajes exploran las citas, el romance y la dinámica familiar.
Guillermo on the Roof sigue a un atractivo joven (Javier Amann) que intenta arreglar su vida sentimental haciendo una película sobre ella. En el proceso, descubrirá otra realidad a través de Samir (Anuar Beno), un refugiado sirio, que le hará darse cuenta de la verdadera naturaleza superficial de sus problemas.
En Mario, Kike y David, dos hombres (Almagro San Miguel y Gustavo Rojo) se enrollan tras conocerse en una aplicación de citas. Lo que en un principio no iba a ser más que un encuentro de una noche se convertirá en algo más, a pesar de sus diferentes formas de ver su bisexualidad, y de cómo ambos se enfrentan a ella en sus respectivos círculos sociales.
En el último corto del grupo, Mi hermano, una tragedia familiar obliga a Alberto (Álvaro de Juan) a volver a su opresivo pueblo natal en España desde Berlín, donde tiene una vida libre trabajando como dibujante de cómics.

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