Aria bedmar instagram

Aria bedmar instagram

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The actresses who gave life to Maite and Camino in the series of La 1 have chatted with the #maitiners, the followers who follow them wherever they go since their love story became a worldwide phenomenon thanks to social networks.
The actresses have talked about their favorite moments in ‘Acacias 38’, they have revealed secrets that until now we didn’t know about the shooting and they have told us about their future projects. If you couldn’t follow the live broadcast, we leave it here!
The long-awaited Spin Off Since Maite and Camino left ‘Acacias 38’ to live their love story in Paris, their followers have been clamoring on social networks for a Spin Off of their own. «The success of Maite and Camino’s story has been a success and a gift. We will keep fighting for that spin off as long as it takes» said Ylenia.
Will we see Ylenia and Aria working together again? Time will tell! For now we can enjoy ‘Maitino: el Podcast’, the sound fiction that told us about her new life in Paris. Come back and listen to it!

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