Around the corner instagram

Around the corner instagram

Around the world (from «bia»)

The system allows the inclusion of links within the publications, based on the icon of a shopping bag that appears in the product photos. Clicking on the image displays a tag with details and prices. By clicking on it, users are directed to a page from where they can buy the product, as shown below:
This is a platform for managing communications with customers that can also be installed in the web store. In the pages developed with WordPress there are plugins that allow you to include a messenger or customer care center (CAC) to manage from the cell phone. It is also possible to program responses (chatbot) and access real-time statistics of all conversations.
Those who properly manage the strategies in all these platforms will triumph in the virtual field. Today, more than ever, the Internet is the stage for the struggle between companies to capture the attention of potential customers. Let the games begin!

Around the corner – vose trailer

Although the production of electrical energy is the most common use of nuclear energy, it can also be applied in many other sectors, such as medical or environmental technologies.
Through a fusion experiment, the world’s largest laser facility released 1.3 megajoules (MJ), approximately the kinetic energy of a car traveling at 160 kilometers per hour, notes the journal Science.
That power represents almost 70% of the energy of the laser pulse that activated it, which brought this result tantalizingly close to the coveted «ignition»: a fusion shot that produces excess energy (more energy than needed to obtain it).
The easiest fusion reaction to achieve is that of deuterium (one proton and one neutron) and tritium (one proton and two neutrons) to form helium (two neutrons and two protons) and one neutron, releasing an energy of 17.6 MeV, explains Nuclear Forum.
A possible solution would be to accelerate them in a particle accelerator and make them collide with each other, but with this system more energy is used to accelerate them than would be obtained with the reactions.

A la vuelta de la esquina – spanish trailer (hd)

In the midst of the «you want it, you got it» wave, when bookstores fight against the dictatorship of immediacy, a brave woman dares to create a redoubt of peace (and literature) in the center of Madrid. The writer Andrea Stefanoni has opened La Mistral, our new favorite place in the capital, and from here we claim these «sacred spaces» as meeting points in the city.
Libros & Co: is a bookstore that sells second-hand books in the hope of giving them «a second life». Despite being considered an establishment that vindicates the old book against the digital format, they use technology to deliver the physical copy to any place. In Murcia Street, 16.

Elimination chamber is just around the corner!

The ‘Killer Civil Servant’ singer has turned into a Barbie, but not by the work and grace of a surgeon, but of Instagram filters, to which she has declared herself a fan and addict. At least, she has posted the before and after, what a change!
Tom Brusse’s ex can’t complain about her life since she left ‘Temptation Island’: yes, she had a very bad time, but life has paid her back in spades, because now she can afford vacations in exclusive places like Positano (where celebrities like Jennifer Lopez or Kylie Jenner spend their summers). How envious!
For the former footballer the vacations are definitely over, and from his village he wanted to send a message to his followers after a not at all normal summer, although certainly much better than 2020. «Back to the routine, it was time to go back. You can’t even get away with wings,» Casillas joked, «Now it’s time to start the new year!
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