Beatriz cortazar instagram

Beatriz cortazar instagram

Mar flores and elías sacal: a friendship without the right to friction

The crisis, despite a «brutal betrayal» that has not yet fully transcended -that of the leaked audios in which Iker speaks out against his partner- actually «comes from long ago». Paradoxically, two phenomena as hard as the coronavirus and the confinement, as well as the very hard health setbacks of both -a heart attack for him and cancer for her- have been delaying the consummation of the goodbye.
The announcement, in fact, was prepared before Sara’s hospital admission last February, but was delayed for logical reasons. Now, with Iker living in the same urbanization, a few meters away from Sara Carbonero and her children, the breakup is finally consummated.

Carmen jara remembers her love with pedro carrasco

This Thursday, the daughter of María José Campanario and Jesulín de Ubrique (47) posted several videos on her Instagram stories to share the recipe for a zucchini cream. In a series of images Julia explained what ingredients to use, the step by step and the final result of this dish that, judging by the images, seems simple.
The young woman, who will come of age next April, also shared on networks other activities she carried out this Thursday. Julia dedicated some time to study and a moment to watch the interview that Bertín Osborne (66) did to her father, during the broadcast of his program on Canal Sur.
There is no doubt that the young woman thinks a lot about the content she is going to publish before sharing it and her followers have ‘thanked’ her by creating a kind of fan club in her honor. It is a group «of support to her person» that was forged in a humble way a few days ago.

Ana rayo tells the secrets of ‘mercado central’ and ‘madres’.

Paula Echevarría and Miguel Torres are officially a couple. The footballer and the actress have posed happily and radiant in a photograph with Paula’s friends in one of the trendiest restaurants in the capital.
Echevarría has shared this snapshot with the caption «pistoletazo de salida a la Semana Santa!» and in just a few hours has garnered more than 40,000 ‘likes’. This image consolidates a story that began a few months ago. The journalist Beatriz Cortázar put everyone on the track when she talked about a young player of Malaga that could be exciting the actress.
After this, came their first date at the Villamagna hotel in Madrid where both decided to go out separately to avoid being photographed together. Days later, we could see Paula entering Torres’ apartment in Madrid.
Their dates went on and on until this Wednesday we could see on the cover of ¡Hola! magazine the first photograph of the two of them together leaving Miguel’s house. Thus, Paula consolidated this romance while her ex-husband announced the divorce via exclusive.

The dardo of rocío flores to carlota corredera and

RTVE «The time has come to call a spade a spade». So began the publication of Instagram Antonia Dell’Atte after watching the documentary that had dedicated Lazos de Sangre to her person. An audiovisual piece that seems that did not end up convincing the Italian. «First. Blood Ties has cut my whole interview. I had a happy childhood despite having had a weak and violent father. He has never mistreated me and I have never had traumas», Antonia expressed as a first complaint. At first it is clear that she did not like the selection of statements in her interview?
And she still had more wax to distribute despite having been at ease on Wednesday with the interview prior to the documentary. «All the press and accomplices have hidden the whole truth by disguising it as lies. And of accomplices who have enriched themselves at my expense. The parasites without any dignity. The trashy press invented a triangle that did not exist to hide and manipulate the truth», continued the multifaceted model from the south of Italy.

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