Brenda asnicar instagram

Brenda asnicar instagram

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Over the weekend, Brenda Asnicar lit a warning light on social networks by sharing a sequence of videos on Instagram, in which she is seen dancing, with a glass of wine in her hand, along with a photo of that scene that she later deleted.
Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich developed the issue on Intrusos: «We don’t know if she was doing a performance, but she didn’t look quite right. And there was a photo where some people said that they were prohibited substances. There was a lot of commotion on social networks with this. She uploaded this herself. She is far from her ex-partner, Duki,» Pallares analyzed.
«To the gilada, what do you look at her from above?», asked a user. Gesturing and making faces at the camera, Brenda Asnicar answered using a well-known song by Natalia Oreiro. «Let them say what they want, that words come and go,» was the brief phrase that the artist chose to put the chest to the criticism and questioning.
This is how the former Intrusos (América) made it known through his official Instagram account, where he informed his followers about the event: «Last night we suffered a fire in our house. Luckily we are all fine».

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In the stories, which she later deleted, the actress is seen dancing with a friend, with sunglasses and a glass of drink in her hand. But not only that, followers noticed that behind the scene there is also a plate with what appears to be a line of white powder and a card. Many linked this image to an alleged drug addiction.
The capture of the video where the plate in question is seen went viral from the Instagram account @Chusmeteando1 and generated much concern among fans of the actress, who raised alarms about her health.One of the journalists who retweeted the photo and expressed her uneasiness about Brenda’s condition was Pilar Smith, who wrote: «Brenda Asnicar needs help! I agree.


Brenda Asnicar is once again at the center of controversy for a photo in which she shows her body. On this occasion, the former Patito Feo posted a photo on Instagram where she shows her flat abdomen and several followers questioned her for her thinness. Asnicar did not want to let the haters’ comments pass and came out against them with a strong insult.
In the selfie in front of the mirror that the actress uploaded, she is seen with a towel on her head, low jogging and showing her abdomen. «Eat a stew Antonella,» wrote a user referring to the character Brenda starred in Patito Feo.
Quickly, Asnicar read the comment and replied with an insult: «Chupate una pi…». The actress’s response generated all kinds of reactions among users of the social network. While some supported her response, others criticized her for insulting a follower.

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