Carolina ferrer instagram

Carolina ferrer instagram

Leche de avellanas | y mis 3 ingredientes secretos para que

Esta pasión desde su infancia la llevó a estudiar Hostelería en la Universidad suiza de Les Roches. Allí aprendió no sólo a cocinar, sino también a disciplinarse y a muchas otras cosas que quizá tenían más que ver con la vida que con la cocina. Cuando terminó sus estudios, trabajó en el restaurante tailandés del Hotel Halkin de Londres, con una estrella Michelin. En The Principal, del Grupo Tragaluz, trabajó como jefa de sala.
El nacimiento de Lucas supuso un giro de 180 grados en su vida, sus valores no cambiaron pero sí tomaron nuevas formas. En ese momento decidió crear su blog «La Cocina de Carolina», uniendo sus dos pasiones: la fotografía y la cocina. La felicidad para ella consiste en crear recetas desde cero, fotografiarlas y compartirlas… pero también viajar, descubrir nuevas culturas y empaparse de ellas para sus recetas y fotografías. Porque no sólo fotografía la cocina, sino todo lo que le inspira.

Caro ferrer, a paisa in love with cycling- caracol tv

Hi Carolina, I met you recently and let me congratulate you for your blogs, all your contents are of great help to me and many moms, I have left you an award on my blog:
Hi Carolina! I’m Irene, as you know I am delighted to have discovered you through etsy and I really like your blog both for the recipes you propose, tutorials and the style of your photographs, delicate and sweet at the same time! I love the way you write because you transmit joy and closeness but when I read this «about me» I couldn’t help but put a comment because I found it very nice. I am not a mother but I have a very special relationship with mine and I have felt very identified in some of the things you say about your family. I will follow you… to see if I dare with any recipe!!!!
Thank you Irene!!! I will let you know as soon as I get some of your fabrics as props for my blog! I am very happy that my «about me» has reached you, I also have a beautiful relationship with my mother and I think she is the best thing that life has given me, after my son ;-)Kisses,Carolina

Chocolate cookies decorated with fondant

-The truth is that a little unintentionally. I think I started at the right time and a series of things happened that suited me very well, such as Instagram publishing an interview with me on its official profile. Once you start in this, you need to work hard, renew yourself every day and, above all, take good pictures.
-Light is very important. A photo of a spectacular dish in a Michelin Star restaurant can be ruined if it’s under a bad light. I only post photos on Instagram that I take during the day and with natural light, preferably near a window. It is also important to put away disturbing elements, such as a cup of coffee or a sugar cube. I have even taken the plate off the table and put it on the floor because I didn’t like the table or it was full of things or because I liked the floor better.
-Everyone can do what they want. Actually, that’s fine. In the end, an account with a lot of followers is a window to promote yourself. In any case, I’ve been offered free food and, many times, I’ve said no, because I take great care of my photography. It’s not about taking a simple selfie in exchange for an invitation. For me, going to a restaurant is a job. Of course, I have been invited to restaurants, but always with a job behind it.

Do you get in touch by playing sports outdoors?

As the German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach said, «we are what we eat» and we, at Bodegas Mezquita, faithfully believe in this philosophy. Therefore, we like to create and surround ourselves with the best gastronomy.
Today we bring you a compilation of influential Instagramers on the network that are worth following. They are loaded with recipes and gastronomic tricks and we can’t wait to share them with you so you can enjoy them too.
Laura Lopez decided to study at the renowned Hoffman School of Hotel Management in Barcelona.    Her adventure has led her to become a gastronomic freelancer and she also works with Michelin-starred chef Nandu Jabany.
A curry lover, Alfonso is a born hunter of new smells and flavors. He combines his own gastronomy, Galician, with all that he knows to create new recipes to impress all his fans.
María José began reflecting on the network all those recipes that she elaborated so that her friends and family could have them at hand. From creating her own recipe book online, gastronomy has ended up becoming an occupation that has led her to visit countless restaurants, bakeries and gastronomic stores.

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