Christopher la isla de las tentaciones instagram

Christopher la isla de las tentaciones instagram

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The news has just come out thanks to Fani Carbajo, the still partner of the TV star, who has explained the reason for this hospital emergency through two videos on her social networks. It seems that everything points to a bacterial infection after a dental intervention that was complicated and that, for the moment, it would not be necessary to operate.
«I am reading your messages and you are asking me where I am because you don’t know anything about me. I’m in the hospital with Christofer», Fani Carbajo began saying in her Instagram stories after several days disappeared from social networks.
In the video in question, the former contestant of La isla de las tentaciones and Supervivientes recounted the hospital journey of her boyfriend while focusing on him still prostrate in the hospital bed. «He has been in the hospital since Thursday. They removed his wisdom tooth, it got infected, he got a bacterium and his face and neck got terrible. You can’t even imagine,» she continued.
To conclude, Fani reassured the followers who were worried about Christofer with the following words: «He is already much better. We thought they were going to operate him, but for the moment it is not necessary because he is only draining. Hopefully he will recover soon because he is very upset».

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Although, as often happens, not everything on social networks is positive. And there have also been who criticizes for the snapshot. «Instagram is to put this kind of photos? We are fatal in the head,» has criticized a user. The appreciation has accumulated a dozen «likes» and as many criticisms. And some of Estefania’s fans have charged against her: «If you don’t like it, you leave».
Estefanía was one of the most popular contestants of the first season of «Isla de las Tentaciones». Her dalliances with some of the tempters were among the most talked about. Also her relationship with Christopher, the boyfriend with whom she entered the contest and with whom she ended up reconciling after her time on the island.

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Instagram / @fanicarbaj Fani and Christofer became known when they participated in the first edition of La Isla de las Tentaciones. She was unfaithful to him with one of the bachelors, Rubén, and they left the ‘reality’ following separate paths. However, in the special recorded six months later it was revealed that the Chilean had given her a second chance.The couple ended up becoming the most mediatic of the season. She went through Supervivientes 2020 and also competed with her boyfriend in La casa fuerte. Both have visited the sets of Mediaset on many occasions.

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They say that when the heat comes the boys fall in love but in the case of Fani Carbajo and Christofer Guzman? Everything points to the fact that they have separated their ways before the summer. The couple has gone through a lot of bumps since leaving ‘the island of temptations’, rumors of infidelity included, but it seemed that theirs had finally curdled … Until today. As good gossips, we have taken a look at their social networks and we have discovered that they neither follow each other nor upload anything together. Symptom that the matter is not going well?
Everything points to yes, since we have seen in their social networks that each one goes his own way: Christofer is traveling with a group of friends and she is also having fun with more. We need to know what’s going on here!
«Since La isla de las tentaciones I have tried to defend Christofer and I have let myself be trampled, humiliated, crushed, insulted as long as no one said anything to him. Nobody knows anything about my private life, what right do you have to trample on me?  I haven’t killed anyone, that’s enough». Could this have influenced their separation?

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