Coral bistuer instagram

Coral bistuer instagram

Black belt promo (29/01/1992) antena 3 program

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has defended today that «the flag of the defense of the role of women, against injustices and in homage to the goals achieved, belongs to all of us without exclusions». «As it belongs to all a future in which men and women, far from being at odds, we must walk hand in hand,» he said during the celebration at the Royal Post Office of the institutional act on the occasion of International Women’s Day, which is commemorated every March 8.
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The bad luck of mugging coral bistuer : a year in your life

A: I retired in Barcelona ’92, although three months later I competed in a university world championship in Mexico, which I won. I said I was retiring because I stopped enjoying what I was doing. It was very hard physically, there are many injuries, you don’t have help, you have to think about a future life… if you don’t enjoy it, there’s no point in continuing.
A: Everyone said to me: ‘You’re crazy, it’s unbelievable. It’s up to us, those who have competed, to judge those who come after us. Who better than us! When you retire from competition, then everyone wants to be a coach or physical trainer, or even have a position in the Federation. But a referee? Not a chance. As you say, you go over to the dark side. I have always thought that many things would be fixed and would be much fairer if the athletes would end up being referees. I had performances at the World Championships that were well seen by the athletes, they were with me because I know what it costs to be there. I don’t care if you are Korean, Japanese, Mexican, Portuguese… But my decisions didn’t sit well with many of them: they withdrew me from finals and stopped calling me. Unfortunately, people tend to take more malleable people because when you’re a bit of a troublemaker, you’re pushed aside. I was pretty much dropped. I was busting my chops on the mat and then off the mat as well.


«Blanca had been since ’92, since she stopped skiing, needing someone to tell her, ‘this is your position,’ ‘ this is what you know how to do and this is what you have to do.» «‘ We have nothing, nobody remembers us.»
Bistuer believes that «what has happened with Blanca has to serve so that the new generations of athletes don’t find themselves where we are now.» «You need post-competition help, support, a benefit that allows you to live.»

Something to tell

Olivia Fresneda, daughter of Blanca Fernández Ochoa, joined this Monday to the concentration in the CAR of Sierra Nevada of the national women’s rugby 7’s team to start preparing for a season in which she will participate again in the World Rugby Sevens Series, which starts on October 5 and 6 in Glendale (United States).
The FER recalls that the national coach, Pedro de Matias, called last August 28 to 14 players, including Olivia Fresneda. The CR Cisneros player joins the national team «by her own decision and with the support of her father, David Fresneda».
This season, the women’s World Rugby Sevens Series has gone from having six to eight series, so after Glendale, the «lionesses» will travel to Dubai (December 6-7), Cape Town (December 14-15), Hamilton (January 25-26), Sydney (February 1-2), Hong Kong (April 4-5), Langford (May 2-3) and Paris (May 30-31).

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