Diana quer instagram

Diana quer instagram

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social networksValeria Quer hangs photos to denounce the beating given to her by an ex-boyfriendThe sister of the deceased Diana Quer presents several wounds in the images she has spread on her Instagram account.
Valeria Quer, the sister of the deceased Diana Quer, has published on her Instagram account some images with which she denounces the beating given to her by her ex-boyfriend. The young woman has shared through images in which wounds on her back, hand and neck and bandaged hand can be seen. «If you have a partner who puts his hand on you, spits on you and mistreats you psychologically and physically, do not continue with that person who threatens you with suicide if you leave her,» says Valeria Quer in one of the photos she has uploaded.
RELATED NEWS «May love not blind you» writes the young woman and says she intends to help women who go through the abuse of their partners, so that they have the courage to leave the aggressor and denounce. She also maintains that she will file the corresponding complaint with the police.

Valeria quer instagram

Valeria Quer, sister of the young woman murdered by male violence Diana Quer, has released a soflama in defense of right-wing parties, which she considers, not only are perfectly compatible with feminism, but also that the left is not.
Through several stories published on her Instagra account, Valeria wonders if «you can be a feminist and vote for the right». «Here you have a clear example of a right-wing feminist,» she says referring to herself.
These words would have brought her some comments against her, as she has posted other messages denouncing that «the left is all over me». «If I am right-wing, I am. Everyone has their own opinion» and «if you are pure of heart, it doesn’t matter who you vote for», she explains.

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The oral hearing of the trial held in the Castilian city of Leon concluded its second session on Wednesday, in which expert evidence was analyzed. On the first day, the accused, Valeria and several witnesses of what happened testified.
Valeria Quer and Juan Carlos Quer, Diana’s sister and father, became very media personalities during the trial for the murder of their daughter and sister Diana Quer, and have defended on different occasions the permanent revisable prison for sex offenders. However, upon arrival at the courts to testify last Tuesday, Valeria and her father did not want to make statements regarding this judicial process.
In that tweet, dated June 2020, the young woman charged against Pablo Iglesias. The then vice president of the Government had declared himself against this measure of deprivation of liberty. «If what happened to my family had happened to you, surely you would not agree with the poor laws you are fighting for», Valeria reproached him.

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«Tip of the day: if you have a partner who puts his hand on you, spits on you and mistreats you psychologically and physically, do not continue with that person who ends up threatening you with suicide if you leave him,» she commented.
Initially, Valeria initially showed her intention to denounce the alleged aggressor by stating that «I’m going back to Madrid so that you eat the complaint that will fall on you» although she later regretted it and confirmed it with a «I’m not going to denounce, a part of me does not let me do it».
«Nobody has the right to judge what I do or not, my decisions, my way of thinking or what I feel, I don’t play with anyone, but I can’t do it either, I’m sorry, I don’t feel capable», he concluded trying to explain his decision not to denounce.

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