Encarna salazar instagram

Encarna salazar instagram

Tribute to toñi salazar | happy birthday!

T: We reacted well, as if it was an opportunity that life was giving us.  Eurovision was a huge window to go outside and we said «hey, we can’t let this opportunity pass us by». And we were very calm. Then came the nerves when we realized the story we were involved in, to defend your country, to be seen by so many people…. Then we had a lot of setbacks, but I think it was meant to be.
T: We had prepared a lot. We made trips to Seville, they made us some beautiful costumes that took a long time to make. We went there twice to do the fittings, we took them with us…. And just when we were about to put them on for the performance, the zippers broke. So we went to the suitcase and saw what we had: two black dresses, normal and ordinary, and we performed with those. The others were red, with bangs. Spectacular, but everything has to happen to us! The dresses break, the sound goes out…

Encarna salazar saca la cara por su hermana toñi

En el año 1988, el dúo firmó con CBS-Epic, produciendo música mucho más atrevida con imágenes acordes. Ese mismo año consiguieron su primer éxito, una remezcla del tema «Aunque me falte el aire».
Empezando como músicos callejeros en Madrid, consiguieron fichar por la discográfica EMI, con la ayuda del productor Raúl Ros. Después de convertirse en artistas de éxito en su país y en lugares de Europa, hicieron algunas apariciones en películas.
El grupo es responsable de canciones y álbumes como «Dame Veneno», «Los Chunguitos», «Vive Gitano» y «Barrio», entre otros. Sus apariciones incluyen bandas sonoras de películas como «Deprisa, Deprisa», «Perros Callejeros» y «Días Contados».
Porrina también era conocida por ser devota de la Virgen de la Soledad, patrona de Badajoz. Durante la procesión, Porrina cantaba en honor a la patrona. De esta tradición, Porrina se ganó una estatua, situada en la Plaza de la Soledad, junto a la Plaza Alta. También se sabe que era un hombre muy supersticioso, lo que hizo que se cambiara su fecha de nacimiento siete días antes de la original.

Tribute to encarna salazar | happy birthday

View this post on InstagramA post shared from (@azucarmoreno_) on Jun 4, 2016 at 11:33 PDTPriginally from Extremadura, they emigrated with their family very young to Vallecas (Madrid) in search of a better future.
horoscopeVirgoAs an earth element, meticulous in the extreme and with a very critical analytical mentality, Virgos are usually rational and logical, detail-oriented and very meticulous, as they are very perfectionist, they have a certain ability to detect faults and imperfections, but not only in others, but also in themselves.

Tribute to encarna salazar | happy birthday!

«I separated from him loving him very much, you can fall out of love but not for that reason to stop loving. I think he has never loved me, not even when we were together, his was pure interest because with me he had everything he wanted and lived like a marquis. Why do I think so now, because in these moments when I’m having a bad time he is not there as a friend or anything. It is easy to be when things are going well and you are on the crest of the wave, but when the work fails you, the economy and you are low spirits those who do not want you disappear», she complains.

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