Esther muñoz de la iglesia instagram

Esther muñoz de la iglesia instagram

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The Bocyl also includes this Thursday the incorporation of Ignacio Cosidó, former PP senator and director general of the National Police, and Isabel Hernández Rozas, former PP deputy and former councilor of Salamanca.
Ignacio Cosidó was director general of the National Police from December 30, 2011 until November 18, 2016. He was senator in the VIII Legislature and deputy for Palencia to the Congress in the IX and X Legislatures, as well as spokesman for Interior of the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Congress of Deputies. Last July he said goodbye as spokesman of the Popular Group in the Upper House, after the appointment of Javier Maroto from Alava as regional senator.

How to be a young leader

With a degree in Nursing from the University of Barcelona, she has extensive experience in nursing in Internal Medicine, Blood Bank, Cardiology, Pneumology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Renal Transplant Unit, Digestive System and Rheumatology.
Since 2004 he has focused his activity on the study and treatment of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and participates in research activities on the disease. In May 2010 he presented the paper «Multidisciplinary Care in FM and CFS» at the XXXVI National Congress of Rheumatology.

If they speak to you of historical memory, show them this deputy

On Monday, after a meeting with the outgoing government and the presidents of the republican institutions, the leader of the coup leaders, Mamady Doumbouya, promised to «create the conditions for a new political and social beginning». In a conciliatory tone, he promised that there would be no «spirit of hatred, revenge or witch-hunt». And he wanted to place «the transition that is opening under the sign of hope and of a new Guinea, reconciled with itself and with all its children».
His first decisions were aimed at reassuring the international community and the companies present in the African country. As Fides recalls, Guinea is the world’s largest producer of bauxite, from which aluminum is made, and has significant reserves of iron and gold. The leader announced on Monday the lifting of the curfew in mining areas to allow the continuation of mining activities and the opening of sea and air borders.

Rochero – a lo bad gyal

Specifically, in late August, there was the desecration of two temples, one Baptist and one Catholic, in the village of Chat. «There was a clash between the Burmese military and the so-called People’s Defense Force on August 29. That night, the Burmese military slept in the St. John’s Catholic church compound and in the Baptist church next door,» explains Lucius Hre Kung, bishop of the diocese of Hakha in statements to the SIR agency of the Italian Bishops’ Conference.
It is not the first time that the military has attacked the Catholic community in this region of Myanmar. Last June 16 they arrested the parish priest of St. Joseph in Kanpetlet, Father Michael Aug Ling, who was released after interrogation. Bishop Kung had already called for respect for holy places and for every person in the country.
Violence against temples has also spread to other states such as Kayha. There, last May, four people were killed in an attack on a church in the town of Loikaw. The deceased were civilians who had taken refuge inside to escape the clashes between the military and the rebels.

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