Fernando guallar instagram

Fernando guallar instagram

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Fernando Guallar has been trained between Madrid and New York in acting, singing and voice. He has worked in numerous fictions such as Netflix’s Luis Miguel -Nominated for Best Male Performance at the Andalusian Film Awards ASECAN-; HBO’s Patria; or Velvet Colección.
He has starred in Nacho Álvarez’s film Explota, explota. With Gente que viene y bah, by Patricia Font, he made the leap to cinema; and he has worked in short films such as Postales -which won him the award for Best International Actor at the Flagler Film Festival in Florida and the nomination for Best Actor at the Festival de Piélagos-, by Inés Pintor and Pablo Santidrián.

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He has also worked in short films such as Postales -which won him the award for best international actor at the Flagler Film Festival in Florida and the nomination for best actor at the Festival de Piélagos- by Inés Pintor and Pablo Santidrián.[10] In theater, he has worked under the orders of Fernando Soto in the play Dining Room.
In 2021 he was incorporated, as the main character, in the second season of the Netflix series Luis Miguel: la serie, where he plays Mauricio Ambrosi.[11] The series has been renewed for a third season.[12]

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– I had a shock… once I woke up in the passenger seat of the car. I was mentally reacting, but not moving my body. It was an overwhelming feeling that lasted for a few minutes. I had a terrible time.
– A historical character with whom I would have had a coffee… Although I don’t drink coffee, I would meet Pablo Picasso. And if I had to choose, I would also invite Salvador Dalí, Alan Turing and Concepción Arenal. With them I would talk about the current social crisis. I would have a green tea with Maggie Smith.
While waiting for the arrival of a film to add to his resume, he is getting used to film shooting thanks to short films. He took orders from Jorge Naranjo in Ocho pasos y medio, shot inside the cinephile bookstore Ocho y Medio to exhibit online through Notodofilmfest in 2014. He played then the handsome boyfriend of the unbearable manager of the store (Esther Rivas), who superbly bossed an artistically unemployed actor who had recently joined the staff (Rikar Gil). The shy rookie, upon identifying Fernando Colomo among the customers, asked him almost in whispers about his next film, just in case. But no luck: his boss interrupted the conversation abruptly and praised to the filmmaker her boy’s acting and physical talents while he was relegated to the background.

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Obviously, we will learn more about him as the next chapters of ‘Luis Miguel: la serie’ (which from its first images and trailers introduced us to Guallar as Mauricio Ambrosi: one of the iconic singer’s best friends since his youth) are released.
We are sure that Fernando Guallar will perfectly play that loyal friend that Luis Miguel needs so much, and that he will give him wise life advice and make sure that the singer’s career is run as professionally as possible.
‘I think Luis Miguel is thrilled to have an accomplice he really trusts,’ Guallar confessed exclusively in a recent interview with Netflix, on the occasion of the premiere of the bioseries that is about to capture all our attention.
Fernando Guallar’s favorite part of playing Mauricio Ambrosi and working in ‘Luis Miguel: la serie’? ‘The fun I had playing a role of great responsibility in the office, I really like the sequences with a lot of text, making important decisions,’ he confessed in the same conversation.

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