Iker jimenez instagram

Iker jimenez instagram

The secret instagram meeting

Iker Jiménez has exploded against those who organize parties in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. The popular presenter has said enough and did not want to bite his tongue when expressing his most critical opinion.
«This is not a matter of politics and milks,» the Basque stressed. «I can only tell you to protect yourselves, please, to take measures, that this is not bullshit, that we are not idiots, that this is for everyone. No one can go about their daily lives because of everyone’s behavior. It is unheard of that you don’t give it importance, that you are in the restaurant without a mask, that you are concentrated I don’t know where and you are out partying. I don’t know how to say it.»
«What do we do? Now we’re going to see it coming again. Well, let’s do our part. So much ‘freedom!’… Everyone’s freedom is at stake if we don’t take this seriously,» he concluded in his first video.
Meanwhile, in a second video he continued in the same forceful line: «I give up on these recalcitrant naysayers,» he commented, but «it can’t be that there are broad layers of society, those who go on Instagram with their glasses and their faces stuck on without masks, who don’t know what a spray can is, who think we are assholes in some way, that we are fools…. They must know much more than we do,» he criticized.


That polls carried out with the mechanisms provided by social networks for this purpose do not have any demoscopic validity should be something that every adult and functional person should be clear about. However, this Thursday on the program Horizonte, on Cuatro, presented by Iker Jiménez, they have put on the table a survey conducted by one of the tertulians on his Instagram account without anyone questioning it.
Looking at the panelists, it is easy to imagine the perspective from which the topic has been treated, closer to mockery and easy jokes than to the need for the use given to language to be inclusive and not to exclude part of its speakers, which is what groups such as feminists or trans or non-binary people are demanding.
This guy is an imbecile, if you do the survey to your followers (who follow you because they agree with your way of seeing life), it will not be normal that these surveys give you the reason? https://t.co/nqtvwOJgRi
Hostias, don’t fuck with me, it’s like if vox puts a poll to kick out immigrants, logically it will come out yes, only the assholes who follow that account will vote for you, your account has 0 reliability, have two fingers in front you dumb fuck, your blood is running out with Lola Bunny https://t.co/QWTdJLPD2e

Rocío instagram

Both have been the two great protagonists of the second edition of the Telecinco program and so much suffering has finally transformed into what could be called their job. Yes, ciela, if you follow either of them on Instagram maybe every post of theirs that you see has quite a bit of money behind it.
But to this should be added the ‘stories’ for which they could earn another thousand euros. You only have to look at their photos to imagine that they are already ambassadors for some brands? More zeros to the account!
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«Cuarto Milenio» will stop broadcasting. In an unexpected message to the audience, the journalist explained that due to the situation the world is living because of the coronavirus pandemic, «Cuarto Milenio» was forced to stop its recordings. The stoppage, according to Jiménez’s words, will be temporary. Jiménez also thanked Mediaset for its support to «Milenio Live», leaving the door open for the format to continue broadcasting on Mtmad for the duration of the confinement of the population.

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