Ines ballester instagram

Ines ballester instagram

Promo ver para creer (24/03/1999) antena 3 program.

However, shortly after, Ballester took over another morning show on La 1, in this case on weekends, under the title El día por delante, premiered on May 24, 2008.[3] The program, however, said goodbye on August 2, without reaching three months on screen, after accumulating a screen share of 11.3%, below the channel’s average.[4] Ballester has written two cookbooks entitled Cocina con corazón and Cocina con más corazón, both with the publishing house Temas de hoy.
Ballester has written two recipe books entitled Cocina con corazón and Cocina con más corazón, both with Temas de hoy publishing house, which include some of the best recipes she has given on her program.
Between September 1, 2014 and August 31, 2018, she presented Amigas y conocidas on the same network. On February 18, 2015, the program was involved in a controversy, when it publicized a false photo of the Podemos candidate for the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía, in which a naked woman appears.

Film for international workers’ day: furrows.

A capture that to avoid Instagram’s strict nudity censorship has cut right in the breasts area. «You’re beautiful from every angle», «You’re looking forward to flirt on instagram», «What a body, mare meva» or «Get in the shade you’re going to melt», are some of the many messages that her more than 64,000 followers on Instagram have sent her.
The next few weeks are expected to be busy for the Telemadrid presenter. The Catalan is currently presenting the weekend space of the autonomic, De todo corazón. A program of pink press that will go on vacation during the next month of August, although not its presenter Sonia Ferrer.
She will be in charge of taking over from Inés Ballester, who has fought a hard battle against the coronavirus, and will be in charge of the program Está pasando. An afternoon show, in which different current affairs are debated, which Sonia Ferrer will be in charge of during the whole month of August while Ballester is enjoying her summer vacations.

Header of the antena 3 program ‘el bus’.

During the interview granted to El País, Inés assures that she has even had nightmares during those nights she spent in the hospital. Now, although she is still not as strong as she would like to be, she is only thinking about returning to her program, about recovering her routine, her day-to-day life.
She hopes to be able to return to television in June. She wishes to leave behind these fateful days ill with coronavirus and says that «it has been worse than cancer»: «The lungs are not quite well. I do yoga online, psychologist online, have a wine with friends after the applause online, everything online, as streetwise and stubborn as I am. I’m weird.

In carne viva, que tal te va sin mi (martes 13, chile 1988)

The enclosure made to Ana Guerra, former contestant of OT 2017, in Amigas y conocidas had such a stir in social networks that Inés Ballester, presenter of the magazín of La 1, had no choice but to apologize during the program this Tuesday.
It all started when another interviewee, Inmaculada García, said during a live connection that Amigas y conocidas was a «magnificent» program. It was then when Ballester took the opportunity to apologize to the singer of Operación triunfo:
«Let me take advantage. Today we have been congratulated by several people and yesterday it was the opposite. Yesterday with Ana Guerra, poor thing, it is true that we did not let her talk much because we all talk a lot. So all our apologies, because she knows that we love her and we admire her very much».
It should be recalled that the journalist and the tertulianas of the space did not hesitate to question the Canarian artist for sharing photographs in bikini on Instagram, a debate that ended with this forceful response from Ana Guerra: «I do it because I feel like it».

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