Instagram aliter dulcia

Instagram aliter dulcia


Isabel Pérez Sardinia, from Gijón, graduated from the Faculty of Geography and History and completed her studies with a doctorate in classical art and a master’s degree in Cultural and Museum Management. From the delicate publishing house Col&col, specialized in gastronomy, they say that art instilled in her notions to understand the world, including cooking, in a way that she would not have been able to achieve had it not been for him.
The book, a mouth-watering visual marvel, is structured in four chapters. Each chapter is dedicated to a crucial aspect of Isabel Pérez’s pastry making: family, history, travel and Aliter Dulcia.

Cakes at home

The #cheesecake by @ferrererorocherit is a bomb, yes, but with the miles of beach we have there’s no excuse. Not even if it rains. . . #cheesecake #creamcheese #ferrererorocher #chocolatecake #lascheesecakedealiterdulcia #aliterdulcia
Isn’t it amazing that they have a course just for Cheesecakes? No less than twelve exclusive recipes has Isabel Perez, its founder and the truth is that with that nothing can go wrong. With or without oven, with fruits, creams or chocolate, there is a cheesecake for every taste. Until now we could only try their incredible cakes in Gijón but finally, and by popular demand, the new opening will be in the neighborhood of Chueca, Madrid.
In Grupo Lalala they also have a wonderful and secret recipe for cheese lovers in several of their restaurants and their creamy cheesecake is the undisputed protagonist of the sweet section of their menus. Still haven’t tried it? Well, at Alboroto they give away free portions to everyone who goes for a snack from 6 to 7 p.m. The best way to celebrate a day like today!

Megasilvita instagram

Today I bring you the cookies that have become the favorite of my older minichef to take to the pool, because stored in a cooler in the fridge they hold perfectly, they are easily eaten and they are delicious, crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside. I personally do not like to leave them too much in the oven, I do the same as when I make brownies, when the inside is almost done I turn off the oven and the remaining time I leave them in the oven but already turned off so that they remain creamy inside, because when you take them out and cool them they finish hardening and if you leave them too much they become very hard, at least, that’s how it seems to me. It’s all a matter of taste, but the brownie is characterized by a tender interior and these cookies have the same.

Forn sant francesc

For chocolate lovers, Isabel has also devised some recipes. On the one hand, the Chocolate with dulce de leche, topped with a generous amount of this cream; or the Nutella, another of the stars of this counter. It is also essential to try the Carrotcake because, in addition to a spongy dough with a good amount of cinnamon, there is a very abundant and simply spectacular frosting. In fact, a good carrot cake lover will put this one in the ranking of his favorites. Time to time.
Address: Barbieri, 25 // <M> Chueca // Opening hours: M-F, from 10 to 14 and 17 to 20:30. S, from 10 to 20:30 and D, from 10 to 18h // Phone: 914 47 31 08 // Average price: individual cakes, 4€ // You can discover more through their Instagram account.

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