Instagram ana boyer preysler

Instagram ana boyer preysler

Miguel boyer

In the photos he shares of his daily life, the effort in the selection of scenes, spaces, filters and framing is striking, as if it were an exclusive. All the photos are well focused, as well lit as possible and to top it off she even maintains a harmony of colors on her wall, which is very important for influencers.
NETWORKSThe good taste in networks that Ana Boyer has been practicing for months has made her followers increase, she already accumulates 172,000. And in Vippter, a new social network that brings celebrities closer to their fans, she is already followed by 137,000 users.
Does she lose naturalnessThe perfection of the poses on Ana’s Instagram could make her lose naturalness, but this is not the case. The daughter of the late former economy minister Miguel Boyer combines those poses with selfies in the mirror, funny images while practicing sports and everyday scenes with her toy poodle Jacinta.
Around the worldBecause of Verdasco’s professional commitments, the couple enjoys a constant tour around the world. Recently, Ana has tagged on her Instagram the location of Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Houston, Bahamas, Miami, California, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore and Doha. Some of these images are memories that she wanted to share with her followers using the corresponding hashtag, #memories.

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Send news by emailYour name *Your email *Your email *Ana Boyer is the perfect mix of Isabel Preysler and Miguel Boyer. She has her mother’s elegance and her father’s vocation. She has a degree in Law and Business Administration and Management. Married to Fernando Verdasco and
A possible estrangement between mother and daughter as a result of her relationship with the writer. These suspicions are based on the statements made by Tamara Falcó during an interview with Bertín Osborne in the program «Mi casa es la tuya», in which the influencer confessed that her sister did not react in the best possible way when she found out about her mother’s new relationship: «Mommy, you told me you were just friends!», she said.Tamara Falcó and Bertín Osborne – TelecincoHowever, and far from reality, the mother and daughter relationship is unbeatable and
both like to spend time together whenever they can. The young woman has settled the controversy with an image published in the stories of her Instagram profile: «Afternoon tennis,» she wrote next to an image in which she appears next to her mother, Vargas Llosa and Fernando Verdasco.See the

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Ana Boyer and Fernando Verdasco are enjoying some unforgettable days in Los Cabos, Mexico, one of the favorite destinations of international celebrities. The tennis player’s girlfriend has been showing off her gorgeous body in the sun on the beaches of the Pacific and has become the sexiest of the Preysler saga.
The couple has not hesitated to share with their Instagram followers how much fun they are having in Los Cabos, Mexico, a paradisiacal place where they are enjoying the sun and fun dips in the sea.»What a sunset!», wrote the youngest daughter of Isabel Preysler next to this beautiful picture with the sea in the background.
Fernando Verdasco and Ana Boyer are not only relaxing on the paradisiacal beaches of the Pacific. The couple is staying at a hotel, located on the seashore, which offers all the possible luxuries and have taken the opportunity to practice water sports such as diving.
Although during their vacation not everything has been sun and beach because a storm spoiled one of their days in Mexico. In fact, the tennis player wanted to share with his Instagram followers a video, which he recorded from the hotel, to show the storm and the huge waves.

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