Instagram javier cordura

Instagram javier cordura

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She started her literary journey thanks to self-publishing and today she has five books published and more than a million copies sold.Click on the image to discover the books you have to read for a couch and reading marathon. / INSTAGRAMSARA FLAMENCO
Amazon top 100. She wrote her first book on the train, during her travels between Fuengirola and Malaga, her place of residence and work. She sent her manuscript to several publishers but, in the end,
‘El día que se perdió la cordura’, ‘El día que se perdió el amor’, ‘Todo lo que sucedió con Miranda Huff’, ‘La chica de nieve’ and ‘El juego del alma’, and has exceeded one million copies sold worldwide. In addition, it has become the
DeAplaneta and Globomedia acquired in 2020 the rights to her bilogy to adapt it into a TV series: «The adaptation is a new adventure that I am finding fascinating. I am lucky enough to
View this post on InstagramA post shared by Veronica Diaz | JustCoco (@modajustcoco)Even though we all identify Javier Castillo with the thriller novel, he considers that.

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Javier Castillo writes thrillers, crime novels with some touches of romance when the plot deserves it and stories in which there is always a background, something beyond a simple disappearance, a mystery or a murder, Javier Castillo knows how to give a voice to the good guys and the bad guys. The common characteristics of his novels are that they have a fast pace, are easy to read, with a simple vocabulary and are able to bring the reader stories that engage and are devoured in just a few days.

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It is becoming more and more common to see dad influencers sharing content on their social networks about their family life, something that brings with it great participation and interest from followers.
On the occasion of Father’s Day, the agency specializing in influencer marketing SamyRoad has developed a ranking of the most popular dad influencers on social networks. For the study it has used its famous algorithm, identifying the level of interactions that each profile generates among its audience and has done so by analyzing a million accounts on Instagram.

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That Castillo enjoys his work is an evidence he does not deny. «I have the feeling that I continue writing as a hobby. It doesn’t seem to me that mine is an unbearable task, I guess because of the fun I have. It’s very exciting to see how a passion ends up escaping your control and reaches people who, luckily, for the most part, like what you do». Challenges for the future? He insists that he has many more to do, «but the main one is to keep hooking and surprising people with new plots».

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