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Saltar al contenidoEsta semana se celebra el 85º cumpleaños de la difunta Infanta Pilar de España, Duquesa de Badajoz, hermana mayor del Rey Juan Carlos. La difunta Infanta poseía una espectacular colección de joyas, y durante los próximos días previos al aniversario, presentamos algunas de las piezas más espléndidas, continuando con la Suite de Esmeraldas de la Infanta Pilar. Haga clic AQUÍ para ver la versión completa de este artículo.  Collar de Zafiro de la Infanta Pilar | Suite de DiamantesEl Observador Real@saadsalman719¡La Reina Isabel II de España luciendo su Suite Esmeralda!

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After the reopening in March of the Hotel Manzanito the hotel manager, Pilar Luque, takes stock of these months and says that «the reception has been good, we have been lucky and some months for others, we are covering expenses, which in these difficult times, is already something positive».
The hotel, with a total of 25 rooms, has very affordable prices, with single rooms from 25 euros and double rooms from 40 euros, all of them refurbished to take advantage of the months of forced closure brought about by the pandemic.
Pilar tells us: «The occupancy is not the same as before the pandemic, but we always have many reservations; we have had 4 weeks almost full the hotel daily, and the summer in terms of reservations looks good».

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«I think fathers and mothers should watch it with their children, I think it’s time to put the family in front of the TV and learn with the Paralympics. This is an event of transformation and to perceive the potential of a human being and to be surprised,» said Andrew Parsons, president of the IPC, to Europa Press, stressing that this is the appointment par excellence to achieve broaden visibility and wishing to gather a record number of 4.2 billion people through television.
The main objective of 142 athletes willing to give their best in the Japanese capital is to surpass the thirty-something mark, and they are optimistic. There will be representation in all sports except badminton, goalball, wheelchair rugby, sitting volleyball, equestrian and wheelchair fencing.
As usual, swimming, the most successful Paralympic sport with 338 medals, will continue to be the main source of success despite the fact that it will not be able to count on the best version of the legend Teresa Perales, who has been hampered by a shoulder injury that seems to prevent her from adding to her enormous haul of 26 medals.

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The evacuations take place after the US resumed military flights at Kabul airport, after interrupting them due to the chaos unleashed in the previous hours by the irruption of hundreds of Afghans on the runways.
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Diego García Sayán urged the country’s political actors to look for spaces of agreement; in this line, he regretted that the National Agreement has not been installed since Pedro Castillo assumed the presidency.
In the program Conexión, Jorge Luis Ojeda, professor of the Business School EPE of the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), gave some advice on how to organize our family budget in view of the increase in prices of basic products.
The U.S. Air Force indicated that it will review all the videos circulating in social networks of the C-17 transport plane which hundreds of people chased, some trying to hold on to its wings or wheels.
The rondero leader Marino Flores affirmed that the peasant patrols do not replace the serenazgo units, the National Police or the Armed Forces, but they do have autonomy for the exercise of justice in their communities.

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