Isabel preysler instagram

Isabel preysler instagram


But where’s all the fuss? Well, it has always been said that Chábeli was born on September 3rd, not August 2nd! The Falcó seems to have lost her mouth and has ended up revealing her mother’s best-kept secret? Of course, she didn’t give any extra explanation.
This, of course, would have helped to hide much of the pregnancy. Be that as it may, Chábeli -how fast time goes by- is already 50 years old. Just in case, we’ll make a note in our diary to congratulate her again in September.

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As if this ‘post’ full of memories was not enough, Tamara Falcó also wanted to congratulate her sister through an Instagram Stories. In it we could see again her brothers and Chabeli Iglesias, but also their mother, Isabel Preysler, and her other sister, Ana Boyer, when she was a baby.
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Send news by emailYour name *Your email *Your email *Tamara Falcó is going through perhaps one of the most special moments of her life. Just a few months ago she was talking about a “mysterious man” whom she still didn’t know too well but with whom she claimed to feel happy. ”
They are spread out in different countries and there are few occasions when they manage to get together. View this post on InstagramThrowback to the 80’s Haha… q memories of Marbella! And to think @anaboyer is now Mami! #tbt #familyfirst❤️A post shared by Tamara Falcó (@tamara_falco) on Apr 25, 2019 at 12:42 PDT “Throwback to the 80’s Jaja…. what memories of Marbella! And to think that

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