Itziar aguilera instagram

Itziar aguilera instagram

The summer neckline: itziar aguilera vs maría valdés

Simple, strong and with personality. This is the apartment of the instagramer Iztiar Aguilera, with the calm and slow life aesthetic that is perceived throughout her profile. She often surprises us with extraordinary images of her day to day life and her travels that reflect her strong identity. With more than 200,000 followers, the influencer has become an inspiration for many people and, this time, she has managed to take us a little more into her life by presenting her home through images.
A sophisticated apartment, which at all times reflects a harmony. The main part, without any doubt, is a bright living room with fireplace. White color and wood are the main protagonists.
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My favorites of the month | with irina isasia

When it comes to weddings and celebrations in winter, one of the garments that we usually have a hard time finding are the ones we need to cover ourselves. But one option that is always the right choice is the long velvet coat in a neutral tone. A model like this one from that Itziar Aguilera wore a few months ago is the perfect piece. With lapels and three buttons, it can’t be more elegant and sophisticated.
Not only clothes are important when it comes to party dress. The accessories play a more than important role in a styling of these characteristics. The influencer knows it and opts for original and distinguished pieces like this chiffon choker with a jewel-like brooch in the center. Undoubtedly, a complement that lifts any look.

The best series – june favorites

You have to follow Collage Vintage because her photos are amazing. They are taken by her boyfriend who goes by the name @collagevintage2. We love the dresses, coats, pendants and everything she wears. She also usually dresses from Zara, Asos and stores of the style. Sara shines for her natural smile and the sympathy she wastes, added to spectacular photos that you can’t miss.
Ninauc one of the Instagram accounts with more followers, right now 505k. Nina changes her style depending on the occasion: casual, dressed up or casual. Her photos in amazing places are very inspiring.
The Instagram Casilda gets married is for brides or eternal wedding lovers. It is an inspirational account where you will find beautiful dresses, flower details, headdresses and all kinds of details for the big event.

How to edit my instagram photos | with irina isasia

This young woman started becoming popular on Instagram thanks to her bohemian and natural style, sharing looks and beauty tricks and showing her lifestyle to her followers. However, beyond her clothes and beauty products (which she also shares regularly) Itziar Aguilera uses her Instagram and Youtube profiles to convey her awareness with the environment. The young influencer shares tricks to use less plastic, talks about the importance of recycling, promotes natural and animal cruelty-free clothing and cosmetics brands and supports associations and organizations that fight against climate change. In addition, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are two of her mantras; the daughter of a renowned nutritionist, she often shares with her followers the importance of taking care of herself and the environment.
Thank you, RAE. I was recently told that it wasn’t incorrect to use «tía» colloquially and now that it’s not incorrect to say «en plan» either, which is something I say en plan about two hundred times a day when I talk really fast, tía. #elvinoylasmuletillassiempreconmoderación #convienenoabusardeella A post shared by La Vecina Rubia (@lavecinarubia) on Jun 1, 2018 at 10:53 PDT

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