Jair dominguez instagram

Jair dominguez instagram

L’altra cara de peyu i jair dominguez aka bricoheroes

The TV3 presenter, likewise, considers that «the (political) parties have to disappear» and «to blow up everything in such a way that any trace of the old political guard disappears». In his opinion, «our eyes will never see the end of Francoism», nor that of Convergencia and Esquerra.
In the same he has insulted constitutionalist political leaders such as Inés Arrimadas (Cs), of whom he suggested «that someone throw a bucket of shit over her head» or Enric Millo (PP), whom he described as a «worm».

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Jair y Los BestauradoresHello! My name is Jair Dominguez and I’m just another crazy guy in this world, who decided to leave his adult obligations to do what he loves the most, and that is to create everything I can think of in construction and share it with you and an excellent community on Youtube!
As some of you know, much of the knowledge I acquired about DIY and construction was taken from the web with videos, documentaries, files, and tutorials of the brands that market their products but it was scattered information, perhaps little ordered or perhaps focused on a European or American audience or were business videos that had many technicalities and terms somewhat unknown and even confusing for me and for many of you.

Humor, with jair domínguez and juliana canet

The Ondas radio awards have awarded Carrusel Deportivo (Ser) and Tiempo de juego (Cope) for reinventing their usual sports content and adapting it to the uncertainty of the pandemic. I know that the president of the jury does not like the awards to be ex aequo but there are balances that can be understood from a corporate point of view. In this case the tie does more justice to good intentions than to strictly radio quality. If within equality there were a podium, the communicative capacity of Paco González and his team should be highlighted with the gold medal, as an exceptional example of agility and adaptation to the circumstances. It is, in fact, a characteristic of sports radio: knowing how to improvise and to place oneself in a tone that, by vocation but also by interest, must flee from asepsis and objective orthodoxy to seek the body to body of emotions and a more direct and colloquial communication.

La roda de premsa de bricoheroes, la más surrealista que

Jair Domínguez es periodista de TV3, un grupo de televisión de Cataluña, España. Debido a la cuarentena provocada por el coronavirus, se vio obligado a empezar a emitir online desde su casa en lugar de los tradicionales programas en un escenario producido.
Aprovechando la comodidad de su propia casa, Jair Domínguez comenzó a presentar sus programas periodísticos con una camisa o chaqueta, en lugar de la tradicional camisa social. En ese momento, Jair Domínguez demostró ser un verdadero amante del Magic, con varias camisetas del juego. Incluso apareció en el canal durante 3 días seguidos con camisetas de Magic.
Recientemente Jair se vio envuelto en una polémica. En uno de los días en su casa, llevaba una pegatina en el brazo de «Cataluña Libre», pidiendo la independencia de Cataluña de España. Los diputados incluso comentaron el acto, calificándolo de repugnante.

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