James lover instagram

James lover instagram

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This is one of the best known bachelors of the edition. Not in vain is one of the most controversial contestants of Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa. But, despite his popularity, his fans have encountered a drawback when it comes to following his life: the young man known as James Lover has his Instagram account closed (you can access it here).
A few weeks ago, Telecinco presented the couples that were going to be part of the new edition of ‘La Isla de las tentaciones’, one of the most successful programs of the network. This Tuesday it was the turn of the first bachelors. Do you know any of them?

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This is how it is: a Telecinco reality show raises them and they get together. In the end this is like the neighborhood, the town or any location in which everyone knows each other and ends up messed up…. And we who love the good times. Well, if you thought that Diego had already gone down in history after his controversial participation in ‘La isla de las tentaciones 3’ while Lola (his ex-girlfriend) is doing great in ‘Supervivientes’? You were wrong!
As we were saying, Nuria Martinez is a young Catalan who rose to fame for her alleged relationship with Omar Montes but she is a pharmacist and combines this with her role as an influencer, dancer and model. In fact, with Chabelita’s ex-boyfriend she met in 2019 recording the video clip of ‘Enamorada’. During her participation in ‘GH VIP’ she also had her own thing with Pol (she belongs to Aadara Molinero and Master Joao) but finally an allergic reaction made her leave the house of Guadalix.
Such a commotion was mounted about it that of course, later came out Diego (AKA James Lover) to clarify that between them there is only a strictly professional relationship and that no matter how much people see a mockery …. Nothing of the sort!

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This has made different tweeters have begun to denounce this practice, and even some like journalist Javi Guzman have wondered if sanctions would be applicable for making covert commercial communications.
This alleged scam comes just a few days after the collaborator of Sálvame, Miguel Frigenti, denounced that “many influencers and TV personalities use their image to sell products that are very different from what they promise, and in many cases, they do not even arrive”.
Among these influencers is Noemí Salazar, known for her participation in Los Gipsy Kings and GH VIP, who would be passing off Aliexpress products as those of a friend’s store.

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The Advertising Jury of Autocontrol considers that a gambling advertising of the ‘influencer’ James Lover, through the so-called Instagram stories, is contrary to the Code of Advertising Conduct.
This is stated in the Resolution of February 19, 2021 of the Fourth Section of the Jury of Autocontrol by which a complaint filed by the Association of Communication Users (AUC) against an advertisement for which the ‘influencer’ James Lover is responsible is estimated.
In this publication, on a black background in which appeared several emoticons, the following texts followed one after another: “Ask me a question. Jajajajajaj as [sic.] you lie so much? 1 meti [sic.] the 30 € to these games that he said and they came out”, “with what I was winning I was putting to what I was saying. And I ended up [sic.] with 1046 € [sic.] crazy [sic.] hahaha”.
The Jury upheld AUC’s claim and considered that the publication infringed rule 13 of Autocontrol’s Code of Advertising Conduct since “its advertising nature was not clear and unequivocal” and it did not include “any label or warning that could solve this lack of clarity about the advertising nature”.

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