Javier de miguel instagram

Javier de miguel instagram

Nahuel guzmán welcomes miguel herrera for the first time in his career.

The big day arrived on October 6, 2017. The couple said ‘I do’ in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Mirian’s birthplace, in front of just 50 guests and with a big party organized in detail by the couple. Cushions on the floor, carpets, light bulbs to illuminate the evening were some of the details that made up an unconventional wedding. «Happiness is this. Full happiness,» said Mirian in her networks. The bride wore three dresses created for her by Marco and Maria, Hannibal Laguna and Lorena O’Campo, and Javier visited two suits, a cream-colored one by Hackett and a second in blue tone by Emidio Tucci.

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Javier de Miguel and Mirian Pérez (better known by her pseudonym in the network Honey Dressing) are already husband and wife. The model and the blogger have celebrated in Gran Canaria (hometown of the ‘influencer’) an intimate wedding attended exclusively by their family and closest friends.
And the fact is that, despite being one of the most mediatic couples of our country in social networks and having shared with their followers even their proposal during the wedding of the model Clara Alonso, they have decided to say «yes, I do» in front of only 40 guests.
Javier de Miguel himself told on his Instagram some of the details of the celebration: «Forty guests, a dinner on the lawn on carpets and cushions, and an end of the party that ended as special and magical as the rest of the day: with everyone dancing, at dawn and under a brutal full moon, in the pool…. It was all very unconventional, very unclassical».

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The reason why so few guests attended was, in the bride’s words, due to her desire to achieve a fun and relaxed atmosphere and that the protagonists were each and every one of them.
A celebrity wedding that certainly gave a lot to talk about, and if there is something that caught the attention of the guests was the fact that the bride and groom themselves were the ones who received them. The bride and groom themselves were waiting for them with a lemonade bar, a mojito bar and beer carts. A welcome cocktail that lasted about an hour and during which the bride and groom took the opportunity to take some pictures.
In addition, at the entrance they found the following message: «Welcome to our wedding. Tonight we will dance barefoot and dine under the stars, standing, sitting, together and scrambled. Leave your shoes here and wrap yourself in the magic of the evening». In this way, they both wanted to make each of the guests feel special and gave them the opportunity to go barefoot to be more comfortable. Or if they preferred, the bride and groom provided all the guests with plastic caps to keep their heels from sinking into the grass.

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«Se viste con un nuevo comienzo, camina con pies que visten de libertad y huele a intensidad. En el dolor insiste en ser sonrisa, en la grisura insiste en ser color, en la noche más oscura insiste en ser estrella; guardando su pequeña luz para mostrarnos que aún hay esperanza y un nuevo camino.» ✨ Autor desconocido – – La hermana de Rafael Nadal, Isabel Nadal, asiste al partido de 3ª ronda del ATP Monte Carlo Rolex Masters de tenis entre Rafa Nadal y Karen Khachanov en el Monte-Carlo Sporting Club el 19 de abril de 2018 en Monte-Carlo, Mónaco.

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