Javier negre instagram

Javier negre instagram

Important message from javier negre

«She should use another excuse, not a tradition. The mayoress wants to eliminate bullfighting, and she has invented this excuse. What would have happened if the bull had been called ‘Falange’? What would have happened», said Javier Negre, with irony.
«Does it seem like a joke to you? An animal that is going to die… You think it’s super funny that they call it ‘Feminist’, don’t you?», he counterattacked, «Is disrespecting women a tradition for you? To me they are disrespected, I’ve already told you that. I mean, was the granny in ‘Feminista’ called ‘Clara Campoamor’? Come on, please!».

Jose miguel gaona explains how to deal with deconfinement

For the first time in our history, the Internet audience has surpassed the television audience in this country (84% audience vs. 82%). The paradigm shift in our media is consolidating and everything indicates that it will continue to deepen. The second wave of the General Media Study conducted by the Association for Media Research published this July makes it clear.
Power flees from any empty space. When ground is ceded, it is occupied by the adversary. Whether on YouTube, Twitch, or Instagram, there is enormous socialization in values, discourse, and political community building taking place. The extreme right and political ultraliberalism saw it clearly from minute one: YouTube and all social networks must be occupied.
The front of the cultural battle is led by youtubers of different sensibilities, but framed in the same political family: from A Straight White Man to VisualPolitiks (2.3 million subscribers) through Roma Gallardo (who made the leap to television by the hand of Iker Jimenez) or Javier Negre, we find a wide network of the Alt-Right that converge in their attacks on any principle, idea or value considered left-wing, feminist, socialist or simply democratic.

La experiencia de un enfermo de coronavirus

Desde un punto de vista lingüístico teórico y empírico, este trabajo destaca la importancia de la relación entre el populismo y los medios de comunicación. El objetivo de este artículo es explorar el uso del lenguaje del partido populista español Vox a partir de sus publicaciones multimodales en la red social Instagram. Para el análisis de su cuenta de Instagram, un adecuado análisis del discurso multimodal (MDA) proporciona una variedad de métodos y permite una integración teórica en el constructivismo. Un análisis de hashtags revela que la ideología de Vox consiste en un nacionalismo nativista y etnocéntrico, por un lado, y un conservadurismo, por otro. Con un análisis de topos, las realizaciones lingüísticas de estos elementos centrales se ilustran con dos estudios de caso.

A day with martínez-almeida, madrid’s future mayor

In times when remakes are the order of the day, ‘Todo es mentira’ has made its own version of ‘Sensación de vivir’, the 90’s series that followed the steps of a group of young people living in the luxurious Beverly Hills, in California. On this occasion, Risto Mejide’s program has reimagined its mythical headline under the title ‘Sensation of lying’ with a cast that has left no one indifferent.
Cake Minuesa, Javier Negre and Eduardo Inda are the protagonists of ‘Sensación de mentir’, the new parody made by the team of ‘Todo es mentira’ to denounce some of the journalistic practices of the talk show hosts. In the header Minuesa and Negre appear nicknamed ‘Bizcochito’ and ‘Alarmín’, while Inda is baptized as ‘Tropezón’ for the images in which he fell to the ground after colliding with a camera of the program.
After the broadcast of the headline of ‘Sensación de mentir’, Risto Mejide highlighted that «Tropezón has once again published things without contrasting them». «The director of Okdiario propagated this information yesterday in networks», explained Marta Flich while on screen appeared a tweet from Inda: «The Court of The Hague admits to process a complaint against Sánchez for the ‘genocide’ of 50,000 people». «The reality is different. The Court has not admitted the complaint, it has registered it as it does with anyone who comes to it,» the co-presenter wanted to clarify.

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